The obsession with tiny

May 18, 2010

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When I was a little girl, I played with Barbies, but there was no actual ‘playing’ – just the setting up of environments. I loved all the little stuff. I had a silver dinnerware set with teeny tiny silverware, tiny goblets, and a tiny giant punch bowl with which I served milk to my cat. The tiny giant cake pedestal was perfect for serving a Ding-Dong that was sliced up like a tiny giant cake. *sigh* Good times.

The obsession has carried over into adulthood – the shopping bags that pack up tiny, the tiny computer, the tiny pies, the love of the tiniest RV – there’s no helping it.

My dream is to have a tiny little house, just for me. I haven’t figured out where Lloyd is in this daydream – perhaps he has a tiny house of his own. Let me share two of my favorite tiny house sites.

The first is the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. Someday when I’m rich I need to have one of these in my backyard, then I can rent out my regular house to someone who needs all this excessive square footage. (Again, Lloyd is conspicuously absent from this daydream. Maybe he’s my tenant.)

The second is the Tiny House Blog. It has near-daily updates on either tiny houses that people have built themselves, or just pictures of tiny houses in the wild.

This isn’t an illness, right? This is healthy, right?


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8 Responses to “The obsession with tiny”

  1. Brad Said on:

    When I look at those tiny houses, all I can think is that they would be full of wasps. I think that’s because garden sheds eventually have wasps in them and those houses look like furnished garden sheds.

    I really don’t like wasps.


  2. Nigel Said on:

    You must love Lloyd’s office then.


  3. Ribs Said on:

    I too love tiny things. A friend and I have this shared silly idea about a teeny tiny barbecue on which we would roast pea-babs, peas being the only thing small enough to put on tiny kebab skewers. For some reason this whole idea has us both enthralled and in stitches. Of course, everyone else just thinks we’re insane.

    I think we ended up with the mini bbq from a Bill Bailey sketch. It was the slavering shrews in his hunting routine that got us thinking. Just spent an age trying to find a clip, but could only find this link on Lastfm (track 10):

    Worth a listen -- I think it’s something you might like 🙂


  4. Karla Said on:

    I’m surprised you didn’t include these --


  5. Beth Said on:

    I think you should move into your shed.


  6. Peggy Said on:

    Right. Definately not an illness. I have an obsession with trial sized things & little boy shoes.

    And Hi Lil’Lauren…I always love it when you visit!

    I never knew there was a world of tiny houses out there. Cool! (I just spent a 1/2 hour looking at them)

    Here’s the one I would like, although it’s not really ‘a teeny tiny home’, but it is eco friendly. I love it!


  7. Kristi Said on:

    OK, that is a tiny oven. You’d definitely be making tiny pies. The bathroom in the EPU model reminds of a tool box attachment that goes in the back of pick-ups.

    The teeny tiny house will probably be our retirement purchase. Then we can just pick up and travel to see our wealthy friends, who built their own huge, retirement homes.


    • Peggy Said on:

      I was thinking that too…about relaxing now that I see there is a house I can probably afford when I retire.


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