Let’s talk awkward

May 19, 2010


Sure, in my memory Lil’ Lauren was cute, but in reality – she was on a desperate downward spiral.

Early Lauren: Kindergarten. Not bad! Dig those bangs and rag curls. I was obsessed with Laura Ingalls Wilder, and this is the beginning of my heavy dress-like-a-pioneer/Holly Hobbie phase. (You can see the dress in the other picture. Very Laura-esque.)

Aw.  Why won't you smile Lil' Lauren?  Afraid of the cameraman?

Fast forward 7 years: AHHHHHHHH!!! What happened to you?!?! Those glasses! That hair! Even the cat can’t stand looking at you! Good grief, girl, hurry into your twenties already!!

Lookin pretti - ur doin it wrong.

Oh, the teens were an awkward time indeed. No photos of that, thank you. The forties aren’t looking too much better.

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7 Responses to “Let’s talk awkward”

  1. deanne Said on:

    Those big glasses were the THING! Nothing to be ashamed of! And we were all a mess in high school… 40s will be fine. A little more wrinkled than the 20s, but otherwise just fine!


  2. Brad Said on:

    Do you watch “The Middle”? The daughter in that show is all kinds of awkward, and it’s awesome!


    • Peggy Said on:

      I really liked the one about her school pictures…and how they’re always so awful…I laughed out loud at that episode!


  3. Annette Said on:

    The 50s are wonderful! You don’t give a care!


  4. Nigel Said on:

    Seriously, you look adorable in both pictures.


    • Peggy Said on:

      Agreed…Lil’ Lauren is adorable!! (Someone posted a picture of my 1st grade picture on facebook, and talk about awkward! My bangs look like someone cut them with gardening shears…what was my mother thinking!

      There was a short stint from about 14 to 30 something where I could pass by & people wouldn’t shield their eyes.

      And I loved LHOTP…Pa was my favorite.



  5. Deborah Said on:

    My girls are watching LHOTP right now.


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