Packin’ it in – Part Last

May 29, 2010

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Peggy, this one’s for you.

This was the most fun. I read a blog called Mighty Girl and she is always off to fantastic adventures in all kinds of places. The actual places don’t interest me so much, but the packing does. (I need counseling.)

Here’s what I took:

The lighting in my parent's guest bathroom was so nice.

Two necklaces, to dress up my crummy Target shirts.
It's my venture into accessorizing.

Body stuff – deodorant, lotion, razor.
I seriously considered cutting down the razor handle.

Face stuff – eyeliner, face lotion/sunscreen, chapstick, mini toothbrush. Yes, I used my parents’ toothpaste. Yes, I’ll refill that tube of face lotion when it runs out. That’ll be a trick.
If you train people to accept your flawed face as normal, you don't need a lot of makeup.

Hair stuff – dryer, 3 rollers & clips, conditioner, hairspray, tiny brush. (I’m sad I brought the dryer – Mom had one. I always take conditioner, since I’m brand-loyal to that.)
Can you believe there's so much stuff for my terrible hair?

I love the little brush. It’s the kind that converts and folds up, but I ripped off the folding half that had a mirror. The mirror was broken anyway.
It's like a little turtle.

I was also pleased at how I got two of the three curlers to nest. It’s hilarious that I ‘curl’ my hair so that for ten minutes it has some body. I look really, really good for that ten minutes, though.
I photoshopped out the hundreds of hairs that were sticking out.

There you have it. Almost everything fit in a ziploc baggie, and it was plenty for my three-day trip. It makes me wonder why I have so much junk in my bathroom cupboards.

Tiny living.  I love it so.

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5 Responses to “Packin’ it in – Part Last”

  1. Brad Said on:

    If you wore some of those things as accessories during your flight, you wouldn’t have to pack them at all:

    -loop the cross necklace through the broken hinge loops on the brush, and you have a quirky pendant.

    -wear the rollers on your wrists as Wonder-Woman-esque bracelets.


    • Peggy Said on:

      Ha! And then you might as well just wear all the clothes you’re taking…you like the layered look, right?


  2. Peggy Said on:

    Yay for this post! Now I can relax.

    What is it about us do you think, that makes us challenge ourselves to see how little we can take & even be upset if we took something we didn’t have to? Maybe for me it’s the desire to have a cute overnight bag instead of a big clunky suitcase. Or is it possible…we’re weird?

    The 1st time I went to WP for the weekend, I of course took a hair dryer…but the hotel had one. I too was bent out of sorts…what room that would have saved! Not to mention that now I have to dig around that big ‘ol thing for other stuff all weekend.


  3. Michele Rodiquez Said on:

    Thx for information.


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