An actual walk.

June 17, 2010


I was so tired after supper, I just wanted to go to bed, but I needed to stay up to let my stupid stomach do its acid-processing thing. I asked Lloyd to go outside with me to look at the plants and kill some time. (This was inspired by Brad’s wonderful post.)

So, Lloyd took a photo of the blooms spikes on the lamb’s ears. They creep me out. Quite a bit.

Creepy alien tentacle, that's what it is.

Then he said, “Let’s go for a walk around the block.” I couldn’t believe it. He never wants to walk anywhere unless it’s to Dairy Queen to get a blizzard.

So, we went.

‘Around the block’ turned into a multi-block extravaganza that resulted in a series of photos of people’s backyards and a blister from my flip flops.

We took many pictures of her garden.

What is this thing?

We stopped at House of Davisson (the only place of its kind in the world) to ‘look at used furniture’ but actually to soak up the air conditioning. It is crazy humid outside.

They have missiles as decoration.

Inside, I saw a desk that turns into a dining table – further solidifying my need for a tiny house.

Only $125!

On the way home, we saw a guy on a homemade recumbent bicycle/tricycle, but I wasn’t quick enough with the camera.

It's a chair on wheels, man.

Home by 7:50. Too early for bed.

Done with this post by 8:15. Still too early for bed.

Dang it. Digest, stomach! Digest!!!

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4 Responses to “An actual walk.”

  1. Brad Said on:

    *gasp!* Those yellow spikes are eremurus flowers! Nobody actually grows those. You’re so lucky to see them in real life! I’ve only seen them in pictures. Now I must grow some.


  2. Peggy Said on:

    Lauren, you’re garden photography is excellent!! Beautiful!

    And I don’t like spikes that grow out of plants either. It is creepy & it just doesn’t match. I always cut off the shoots that grow out of my hostas (dont’ tell Brad). My neighbors give me funny looks when I do the trimming…I dont’ know if it’s because I’m cutting off the shoots or because I’m using scissors. Whatever.


  3. Annette Said on:

    Should have kept walking North…surely you would have expended the time needed for digestion, and maybe a pair of blisters.


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