Number 2a – Check!

July 31, 2010


Lloyd and Brent had to go to Fremont for some Republican ritual, and I tagged along so I could visit my stuff in Omaha. We left early in the morning and drove in some dangerously freaky fog. Thank you, animals of Nebraska, for not running out in front of our car. (Oh, and zombies, too.)


It was a successful trip – I had several things I wanted to do, and one of them was to look at the rPod trailer at an RV store. (I guess you don’t call that kind of place a ‘store’, but what is it? A park? A gallery?)

Anyway, they had a fenced-in lot with many, many RVs, and I was in tiny house heaven. They had five rPods close to the showroom, and another one out by the highway – to lure people in, like me. I happily looked in each one, and when I was done looking at the one close to the road I turned around and saw

Hello there, beautiful.

*GASP* Is it going to be open? It’s GOT to be open – it’s in the open-RV place. Oh my gosh it’s going to be OPEN! Breathe. Breathe. This is it!!

I tried the door.

Locked. Vast disappointment.

I went around to the other door.

Insert Hallelujah chorus here.

Jackpot! I balanced my camera on an RV bumper and snapped a photo.


Then I spent a good ten minutes just opening and closing doors and lying there and messing with the windows and vent and imagining that I lived there. It was heaven.

I don’t need to own this, but do you think they’d let me borrow it? Or put it in my bedroom? Look at that angle – it seems to me we’ve found the solution to the acid reflux problem, huh?

Lloyd and Brent, I hope your Republican people brought you as much joy as this inanimate object brought me.

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5 Responses to “Number 2a – Check!”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Is that just a bed inside? A bed on wheels?


    • Lauren Said on:

      Yes -- it is only a bed. This one was a ‘Four Wide’, which meant it has a full-size mattress. They make Five (queen) and Six (king) as well.

      The hatch in the back opens to a little storage shelf/work space. Some models have that set up as a little kitchenette.


  2. Kristi Said on:

    Surely you can rent these babies and go to a state park or even your back yard. Then you could also cross #21 off your list.


  3. Peggy Said on:

    Awwwww….in the 2nd picture, the little rPod looks like a little kid trying to hang out with the teenagers!

    Yay for achieving another lifes goal! If you ever come to Balto., my cousin-in-law works at an RV dealership. I’ll email him & see if they have teardrops. I’m sure he could hook you up in one for a day.


  4. orlando rv rentals Said on:

    Good read, thank you. Constantly looking out for odd and amazing information to read 🙂


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