Sticky Buns

August 8, 2010


I am very absent-minded, and ADD, and all the other things that describe a person who isn’t organized or focused, but I never thought it would ruin one of my five pairs of summer pants.

The school-age children at the CDC have one of those amazing expandable sphere toys, and I noticed that one of the hinges was broken. I took it down to my room to see if a drop of super glue could fix it. The preschoolers were amazed as it opened and closed and opened and closed while I looked and looked for that broken hinge. (I had already just pushed it back into place, and apparently friction was doing the job just fine.) I finally gave up because it was breakfast time, and stuck the tube of glue in my back pocket.

You see where this is going, right?

Later in the day I was sitting in the office and thought I was having some kind of nerve damage, because my right buttock (heh- I said ‘buttock’) felt really warm. I reached back and lo & behold- my pocket was hot.

Double dang.

Dang it!! I popped the tube!

Pocket – of course – glued shut.

Pants – yes – glued to underwear.

Underwear – mercifully – not glued to me.

The bright side? I get to shop for new pants!

Side note: I keep a complete change of clothes at work, just like the children do. You never know when you’re going to get barfed on or glue-ruined.

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9 Responses to “Sticky Buns”

  1. Brad Said on:

    A complete change of clothes ready at a moment’s notice… That’s a very superhero-like thing to do.
    Look up in the sky!
    It’s a bird… it’s a plane…
    It’s Super Lauren!


  2. Beth Said on:

    I’m sorry for your loss. And I admit, I’m a little disappointed that your underwear was not glued to your bum. That would have been funny. For me, anyway.


  3. Anonymous Said on:

    Hahahaha…I’m sorry, but hahaha! (great title btw)

    TMI: My doctor told me I was allergic to the elastic in my underwear & told me I had to get latex free underwear. My immediate response was, ‘Well, how will they stay up’. Here’s the answer. Glue them in my pants. Hey, this might just be the multi-million dollar idea we’ve been looking for. Underwear attached in the pants. One thing to put on. Hmmmm…..


  4. christina Said on:

    Your glue stain looks sorta like a gecco….or maybe a preying mantis….you should take them down to my mom and let her embrodery something over the stain, since there is nothing really wrong with the pants themselves….you could start a new trend….”gecco bums” (sorta like apple bottoms)


  5. Lauren's dad Said on:

    Like father, like daughter. At least you didn’t poke any holes in upholstery or a car seat with a screwdriver or needlenose pliers as I have done!


  6. Annette Said on:



  7. Karla Said on:

    That reminds me of the girl at work who stapled a client notice to her sweater sleeve. With an electric stapler.

    And it was a Hoberman sphere that you were trying to repair.


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