The perfect chair

September 18, 2010


We went to Omaha today and putzed around. There were some wonderfully crazy groups participating in some sort of scavenger hunt in the Old Market. Each group had matching costumes, and I felt woefully underdressed.

Main story: I wanted to look at recliners at Nebraska Furniture Mart. I’ve wondered before about having one to sleep in – y’know, when I’m old. I should start looking now because I’m really slow at making decisions.

They had all the standard kinds, and a few zany kinds, but then they had …… this.

Sitting up and comfy.

Leaning back and even comfier.


I cannot express how great this chair is!! It’s called the Human Touch Perfect Chair, and it’s leather and automatic and zero-gravity and you should really go to their website to see how completely beyond awesome it is. My pictures were no good because I was too busy reclining in the other one to get up and take a decent photo. Holy. Cow. (Mom, it’s exactly like your patio chair – only this one is leather, automatic, and $1,600.)

Then a good thing happened at lunchtime – Bucky’s Convenience Stores sponsored a little event in the parking lot where they gave out FREE t-shirts (a $5 value) and FREE lunches (hot dog, chips and a drink – also a $5 value)!!

Waiting for lunch.

Only 159 more of this kind of deal and we can afford a chair!

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17 Responses to “The perfect chair”

  1. Keren Said on:

    If you divide the price of the chair by the number of nights you would sleep blissfully in the chair, say for five years, I bet it would be more or less the same as the daily cost of soda/lunch/gas….just guessing. It’s how I rationalized buying cotton sheets and down pillows and good shoes.


  2. Brad Said on:

    It raises your feet above your heart? That’s cool.


  3. Kristi Said on:

    The lady in the poster looks about ready to dive into Lloyd’s inner being. I suspect that is because he is sporting a lush head of hair and a fine corduroy sportcoat.


  4. Lauren's mom Said on:

    If you kept that chair for 16 years, it would only cost $100 a year. Our friends have two of those.
    I would buy any recliner that doesn’t look like it’s made out of marshmallows..


  5. Cap'n Rose Cutthroat Said on:

    Ye mus’ be gittin’ thee char!! That tis an order…or ye might be findin’ yerself walkin’ the plank!

    (This chair not only looks really cool…but it is life changing says the reviews…and can we put a price on anything that is life changing? I think not )


  6. Peggy Said on:

    Hey, how did you turn all your posts into pirate talk? I went looking for that bread recipe…that fast, delicious, crusty bread…and lo & behold…that thar post was all argggy! How did you do that? (not rhetorical)


  7. Lauren's mom Said on:

    Sorry, I am going to take up a lot of your webpage here. I was blogging around and discovered that the Christian hymn “What Wondrous Love is This (LSB#543) was originally a song about the pirate Captain Kidd and went like this:
    My name was Robert Kidd, when I sailed, when I sailed,
    My name was Robert Kidd, when I sailed.
    My name was Robert Kidd, God’s laws I did forbid.
    So wickedly I did, when I sailed, when I sailed.
    So wickedly I did, when I sailed.

    Well shiver me timbers, if that doesn’t just take the wind right out of your sails!

    Richard Crawford. America’s Musical Life -- A History


  8. Kristi Said on:

    Yo-Ho; Yo-Ho; A pirate’s life for me.

    (I wanted to know what the plug-in does to that line.)


  9. Jane Sommerer Said on:

    Hang the windows. Buy the chair. Or become the pirate that watches the sail and gets a treasure.


  10. Kristi Said on:

    She sells sea shells down by the sunny seashore.

    The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy rabbit.


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