Terrible Memories with Lauren

September 23, 2010

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Happy Birthday to my Mom! I’m sorry I’m going to share a potty story on your special day!

I was changing the toilet paper today at school for a little boy who needed some ‘alone time’ and had a little flashback. When I was a little kid and needed to ….. sit for a while, I would play with the toilet paper holder.

Seriously, you’re little – you don’t think to plan ahead and bring a comic book, what else is there to do?

It was an old-school metal kind, not like the ridiculous plastic ones of today. It had some heft to it, with a serious metal spring inside that was hard to compress, but I did it anyway until it would spring across to the bathtub – only to be fetched much, much later.

That left the two pieces to put together endlessly. You could put them together the normal way, only now there was no spring inside, so it would become super-small. The air would puff out as the pieces were pushed together, and then you had to be kind of patient pulling them apart because there was a bit of a vacuum. Or, you could combine them same-ends-together and then there was the thrilling danger of sticking your finger inside the hollow end to pull them apart.

This is a ‘terrible memory’ because it’s sad that I got such joy out of a toilet paper holder. It’s also sad that I remember it so vividly and so fondly. It’s sad because I should have just eaten more fiber and I would have been in and out of the bathroom quicker.

Happy Birthday, Mom. I apologized for this already, right?

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Lauren Sommerer is a preschool teacher who likes to build prototypes, grow cats, cook things once, save money, reduce, reuse and recycle.

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13 Responses to “Terrible Memories with Lauren”

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  2. Keren Said on:

    I love ‘teeth whitening products’ response! I couldn’t agree more.


  3. Brad Said on:

    We had one of those too. I had completely forgotten about it. When the spring was inside and you squeezed it together, it made a very satisfying metallic scretching noise.


  4. Rae Said on:

    This is a great post! Now I know what I am going to try the next time I have some “alone time.” Wait, I’m a mom, I don’t get any alone time, not even then! I’m gonna have to start locking the door so I can play.


  5. Peggy Said on:

    HAHAHA! That picture is great!! And really funny story!

    I used to always play with my mom’s Nozema in the bathroom when I was a kid. Do they even make that stuff anymore? I can still remember the smell of it & the texture was so cool…I couldn’t keep from poking my fingers in it over and over…when you ran your finger in the cream it felt…veiny.


  6. Peggy Said on:

    Happy Birthday Lauren’s Mom!! Have a great day!! 🙂


  7. Lauren's mom Said on:

    Thanks, everyone, for the birthday wishes!
    My funniest bathroom story happened on a day when I got a little “alone time” (four children 🙂 ) in the bathroom and while sitting there, the door suddenly opened -- and there stood a neighborhood child I hardly knew. He said to me, “Do you have a Band-aid?”


  8. Jane Sommerer Said on:

    Sorry Lauren, your Mom’s story made me laugh. Your story made me think of a baby playing with his hands because that is all he has to look at. I never realized those tissue holders could be so interesting. You must have been practising your mechanical ability even then.


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