Lumixin’ it up.

October 12, 2010


The scene: Monday, October 4th, 5:45 a.m. Lauren Sommerer hunches over her keyboard, wet hair dripping into her cereal bowl as she sleepily eats and visits Brad’s site. After commenting (First!), she clicks on and reads ‘Panasonic Lumix’…. and adrenaline kicks into overdrive.

click. BUY.

Then she reads that this is not the Panasonic Lumix that Brent owns that she covets. Stupid, stupid Lauren. See, woot only sells one thing a day and they have a limited number of said one things and they start selling at midnight. So I thought “Iron is hot. Strike!”

I don’t know if I regret it. It was cheap, and it’s the earlier version of Brent’s, and it is shiny red. So far I’ve only taken messy pictures of my countertops in my dark house, and I’ve decided that without flash it’s better than the broken one, with the flash it is worse.

Here are shots of each with no flash:

Junk on the counter.

I actually bought a case to try and protect the touch screen.

I might actually read the manual and learn more about it. It has a touch screen and several features, but so far it has two strikes against it: It takes two steps to turn on the macro, and also two steps to turn off the flash. (So is that two strikes or the same strike twice?)

I’ve been talking too much about cameras lately, and I know that it’s getting boring. Instead, tell me something that bothers you about Lloyd – or anyone else, if Lloyd hasn’t bothered you lately. For instance, in the time it took me to write this post, Lloyd has written five brilliant back-up posts. Grrrrr…..

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5 Responses to “Lumixin’ it up.”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Maybe this could be good. Brent’s camera might have disappointed you. But since this is the wrong camera, anything good is a happy bonus, and anything bad can be chalked up to the fact that it isn’t what you wanted.

    (Sorry to be Pollyanna)
    (Did you know “Pollyanna” is from a book? I just read about it while trying to find how to spell “Pollyanna”.)


  2. Peggy Said on:

    Yea, don’t give up on it yet. And I’m with ‘ya about reading the manual…something I never do. I always just take a picture with the camera set on ‘auto’. I had to look up macro…so at least now I’ve learned something…for the next time I take a close up.

    Hehe…tell me something that bothers you about Lloyd! He looks better with underwear on his head than I do.


  3. Lloyd Said on:

    I bet this post would have gotten more comments if Lauren hadn’t asked such a hard question. I sat for hours trying to come up with even one thing. Oh well.


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