…and the two shall become one…

October 24, 2010


Surprise! We’re getting new windows!

Wait – you already knew. Well, the surprise is actually on me because I thought they were going to be installed in early November, and on Friday Lloyd said, “Um, did you know they are going to start installing on Monday?”

No. No, I did not.

So, off and on this weekend there have been frenzied cleaning spells and window work. They need to be able to get to the windows (hence the cleaning) and they need all the window treatments removed. I had started to take some photos in case I decided to make a window movie at some point.

I was moving those stupid plants from the living room and putting them in the bathtub. (Really – where else are they going to go? This is a little house and nearly every wall has a window along it.) I picked up the most heavy one and started to back up, but it was caught on the curtain. I tried my ninja moves (backing up more and slightly wiggling the pot), but it was still caught, and this thing was heavy. I called to Lloyd, who was on the computer. (I guess that’s not necessary to add, is it?)

Lauren: I need some help.

Lloyd: type type

Lauren: I need some help, please.

Lloyd: type type

Lauren (now nearly dropping the plant): I need some help quickly!

Lloyd: Oh!

He jumped up and came in to save me. He analyzed the problem and said, “Um, the leaves are growing through the curtain. How long has this plant been here?”

Suddenly I found enough strength to hold on a little longer and said, “Get a photo!” (I could hold a car up if it would mean I’d have a post for the day.)

The camera was on a tripod and on self-timer.

The leaves were strangely sticky, so it took a while to get everything fixed. (Brad, why would that be?) Needless to say, those curtains are in the washer now.


So children, the moral of this story is that plants are evil and will eat your curtains.

Oh, and robots are cool.

These ARE the droids I'm looking for!

The end.

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10 Responses to “…and the two shall become one…”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Sticky leaves are often an indication of bug infestation. My quick research says it’s probably scale insect. While your plant is in the bathtub, you have a perfect opportunity to treat it with a spray. Treatments range from horticultural oil to outright poison. Read the labels on the bottle to see if they treat for scale, or ask a person who works in the garden center. Or just leave the plant alone and see what happens. Maybe the bugs have already died out or will die out on their own. If the plant has survived this long, perhaps you have nothing to worry about.


  2. Peggy Said on:

    Maybe you have a voracious plant…and there were no dirty socks to be found.


  3. Lloyd Said on:

    I don’t get the title of this post. Someone help me out here.


  4. Keren Said on:

    Have you seen the steampunk R2D2 yet?


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