Would you?

December 3, 2010


Driving along in slow traffic tonight I had a thought: Would you accept the superpower of being able to fly if it was slower than your walking speed?

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7 Responses to “Would you?”

  1. Brad Said on:

    I’d accept any kind of superpower that involved flight… unless there was a condition.

    If I flew slower than my walking speed instead of walking, I think I’d have to say ‘no’.


  2. Lauren Said on:

    I think it would only be useful for stuff like cleaning out your gutters.


  3. Peggy Said on:

    I LOVE the way your mind thinks Lauren!

    I’m with Brad….if I could no longer walk, only fly slower than my walking speed, I’d have to turn it down.

    But if I could have both…woo hoo…you betcha!

    I’d love to go for a leisurely float every once in a while!

    (LOVE LOVE LOVE the drawing!)


  4. Lloyd Said on:

    I guess if the winds were favorable you could deploy some kind of sail.


  5. Keren Said on:

    Yes, absolutely. Then you push off walls and stuff to get up to speed.


  6. Quiana Said on:

    Yes. Unless, as noted above, I had to trade something. I could have used that power when we put up our Christmas lights yesterday.


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