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The art of ‘meh’ cleaning.

January 31, 2011


The art of 'meh' cleaning.

I’ve said this before – I’m big on having ideas, and terrible at follow-through. Here’s another harebrained idea I’m testing out, though. I’ve talked about commercial cleaning before, and a few years ago I was all crazed for (the ideas, not actually following the schedule), and of course watching Hoarders every so often has […]

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Thinkin’ about a booth at the fair…

January 30, 2011


Thinkin' about a booth at the fair...

I’m just kidding, of course. One of my pet peeves is when children wear sarcastic/rude t-shirts that are funny in theory, but really shouldn’t be worn. Things like, “I’m 100% good 5% of the time” or “Someday I’ll be your boss” or “Naughty is my business and business is good”. Hmmm…. I seem to be […]

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Slow, sleepy Saturday.

January 29, 2011


Slow, sleepy Saturday.

Lloyd and I spent the day in, which was nice. Originally there were plans to go see a movie, but several afternoon naps got in the way. I looked at it as a no-money-spent day, which is pretty good, but the down side is that we cannot agree on what to watch on t.v. He’s […]

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Sorry, Sam.

January 28, 2011


Sorry, Sam.

No theft saga today, kids. We’re back to Art Shot Saturday – with magic moving pictures!

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Shame on you, John Harlan – Part 5 (of 5?) XHD3000 Repair

January 27, 2011


Shame on you, John Harlan - Part 5 (of 5?) XHD3000 Repair

[NOTE: you might want to read parts 1, 2, 3 and 4 before you read this. It explains that John Harlan ‘returned’ a computer monitor but the FedEx box actually contained a gallon jug of water.] When last we met, things looked bleak for our heroes. John Harlan (johnslcdrepair, johnhis11_computers, xhd3000repairman4356, computerguru43560 and lcdrepairman8733, xhd3000repairman, lcdrepairworld […]

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Shame on you, John Harlan – Part 4 (of 5)

January 26, 2011


Shame on you, John Harlan - Part 4 (of 5)

Note: You might want to read part 1, part 2 and part 3 first. Okay, are you ready for this? So, lots of time went by and I had kind of forgotten about the whole monitor situation. Then one evening we came home and there was a sticker on the door from FedEx saying that […]

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