Pizza Cutter Madness

January 16, 2011

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Lloyd has a lot of pizza cutters. He feels that one who loves pizza as passionately as he does should have a good selection. We have seven, but I can only find six. (The basic one with a wooden handle has gone AWOL.)

I didn't even photoshop out the water spots.

Once, long ago, I thought I might make a display board for his collection like Martha Stewart did with her rolling pin collection, but then the television was on so I watched some.

Since then, I’m on the ‘enough is enough’ wagon and have made it plain that I think one pizza cutter is sufficient for any household, so let’s not bring any more into the building. The wrapped one is the last one he snuck in. It was a freebie from the State Fair a couple of years ago.

So if you started reading this post and thought, “Hey, maybe I should get Lloyd a pizza cutter for his collection!” May I say, Please don’t. Help me stop the madness. The insane, pizza-dividing madness.

By the way, we are usually strict ‘divide-into-eight-equal-slices’ people, but one evening Lloyd let out a war cry and divided the pizza up into about twenty random wedges that were all different. It was exceedingly fun to eat.

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15 Responses to “Pizza Cutter Madness”

  1. Kristi Said on:

    Are those wavy ones supposed to be ergonomically correct? We own only one, just like the freebie from the fair. It was the bank gift two years ago. We love it!

    By the way, our bank gives a gift every year. This year it was a small LED flashlight. Last year was a huge measuring tape; Jerome snagged that one. I love our little bank gifts!


    • Lloyd Said on:

      It’s not so much that the wavy ones are ergonomically correct. It’s that they are more menacing to the pizza.


  2. Gretchen Said on:

    So you do the traditional triangle-shaped slices? Our favorite pizza place (in Buffalo, NY -- always with an order with Buffalo wings, of course) cuts a round pizza into squares (except the “corners” which turn out kind of triangular.) The middle pieces are loved by those people (ie my children) who don’t eat the crust. (PS I love parentheses.)


  3. Curt Said on:

    Oooo….I like the one with two wheels. That is cool. I think it is best to have at least two pizza cutters. That away you have at least one clean cutter. So if you eat a lot of pizza, having more than one is practical.


    • Peggy Said on:

      That’s my favorite too!! I’ve never see one like that….so now I have a quest.

      (It’s ok Lloyd, I have a spoon fetish…and I can confidentally say that there is nothing odd about either of us. Kitchen utensils rock!)


  4. Brad Said on:

    It’s good that you put the note in about not buying Lloyd any more cutters. I have personally resisted buying new ones for him on several occasions.


  5. Beth Said on:

    What I want to know is… which one is Lloyd’s favorite?


  6. Keren Said on:

    The thing about collections is that they create their own magnetically charged field, drawing like items to the dense matter that has already accumulated in a specific locality.


    • Lauren Said on:

      You are not kidding. We have a wonderful lady in town whose sister gave her a pig sweatshirt years ago, and now she is famous for having thousands and >i>thousands of pig items in her home. It’s amazing to see, but I wonder if she’d like to chuck them all.


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