Let the CoolPix begin!

January 17, 2011


Thank you, Beth. I’m hiding behind your asking about the camera because I’m worried I’ll be stoned to death for talking about this so much.

You might remember that in October I was thinking about buying the Nikon CoolPix L110 based on the sole reason that I could remember it’s name? Well, that never changed. I would visit the cameras at the big box stores and hold them all, but the Nikon seemed to be the nicest one. The man at Best Buy said that the cameras on either side of it were better, but in my head I told him, “You don’t know.”

Lloyd and I never buy each other presents for actual Christmas. We have a policy that a holiday can be honored up to a month before or after, and we usually choose after. Well, last week we bought the camera. (He also got a present this week, but that’s another post.)

I like it. It’s still a point-and-shoot camera but it’s hefty – like a pretend SLR. It has a BIG lens, a lens cap, and feels more like a big-girl camera. The plan (based on my camera-dropping record) is to never take it out of the house, but in case I do, I made a camera case for it. I had browsed online for one, but I really wanted something that would fit in my messenger bag with my laptop, and this fit the bill. Here’s the photo essay:

1) makeup bag from Target ($5.99) and a thick piece of craft foam ($1.69)

Cheap is good.

2. Measure the depth of the lower portion and use an old magazine from Lloyd’s school library to make a straight line.  (That magazine part isn’t strictly necessary.  You could use a box.)

Draw draw cut cut.

3) Cut a strip, then cut another. Trim them so they will fit around the inside.  Keep trimming – you’ll get there soon enough.  Be upset that you can’t make them not look like an eyeball.

Quit looking at me! MOM!!

4. This’ll fix it.  A little tape would be even better.

That will be helpful.

5. Done! Make Lloyd come over and look at it several times.  Ignore his sighs.

That's better.

It holds the camera, the strap and some extra batteries.  If I needed to take the cable along, that would fit, too.There's an extra oval of foam that makes it super sturdy when I put it on top of the camera.

The camera itself has some fun features, like automatically taking a picture when someone smiles. (That’s when it’s in ‘happy face’ mode.) It’s very fun, but won’t recognize Lloyd’s smile due to his cold, dead heart moustache.

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8 Responses to “Let the CoolPix begin!”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Does it do a good macro? I think the next time I buy a camera that will be number two on my list. Does it take good low-light pictures? I’m guessing it would, with that giant lens.


    • Lauren Said on:

      The macro is good, but I have to brace my hands or use a tripod due to my shakiness. There’s a neat macro setting for ‘Food’ where you can adjust the coolness/warmness of the colors.

      The low-light is not as good. There are complaints about that on the reviews. I notice that the sharpness is good, but the color is messed up. To be fair, though, I haven’t messed around with it enough.


  2. Mark Said on:

    Does it have a hot shoe for an external flash?


  3. Peggy Said on:

    Cool, cool camera! And case! How do you think of these things?

    I don’t understand all the other camera lingo, but I’m glad it has a good macro! (I’m going to look on my camera for the ‘macro’ feature. Will it be on that little dial?)


  4. Lauren's mom Said on:

    Yay!! An Epiphany present! (I am all for fewer Christmas presents and more Epiphany presents.)


  5. Karla Said on:

    One of the most important things I learned from dad is to get a skylight or uv filter on any lens that will take it. That way if you scratch the lens, you have to replace a $10-$20 filter instead of needing to get a lens repaired or replaced. Even though your lens is not interchangable, please check the end of it for threading; if it’s there, please get a filter as soon as humanly possible.

    Dad’s other good advice -- Don’t drop it (okay, that’s lost on you), don’t get it wet, don’t lose it.

    Congrats on your Nikon. Good choice! 😀


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