Rocket Fizz

March 13, 2011


On Saturday Lloyd and I went into Lincoln in the morning (before we went back to Lincoln for the evening’s Gala). He needed to stop at an auction, and shock of shocks – didn’t buy anything there and was ready to leave within an hour.

I still had some errands to run, but I made him stop at a store that looked interesting: Rocket Fizz. It’s at 14th and Pine Lake, and is adorable. It has dozens and dozens and dozens of different kinds of soda pop, and a delightfully huge collection of candies, including some strange ones and oldies.

Peggy, you like these, right?

It’s pricey, though. I was shhhhhhhhhocked at our final total. We bought about 7-8 items and it was over ten bucks. As we left I told Lloyd, “This is event shopping, like for someone’s birthday. That store will never stay open.”

I doubt I'd like this.

Well, later that day we were talking to Beth, and she said that she had been there – four years ago! She said, “Did you happen to notice that it’s right across the street from a high school? Those kids think nothing of dropping ten bucks on a little snack.”

Each bottle is sold separately.

Well played, Rocket Fizz. Well played.

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7 Responses to “Rocket Fizz”

  1. Brad Said on:

    I love their displays, but I wonder how they keep their stock from getting too old. Surely they must have to get rid of it after a certain amount of time. I bet the alley behind their store is a dumptster-diver’s dream.


  2. Peggy Said on:

    Oh my gosh…I would love to visit that store! And yes, I do like those Skybars! How in the heck did you remember that?!?

    I also like that Turkish Taffy. I remember getting that as a kid. We would freeze it, and then CRAACK it on the sidewalk. I liked both the vanilla & chocolate. I haven’t seen those in forever! (well, since I was a kid which is the same thing)


  3. Kristi Said on:

    So which item has the highest sugar content?


  4. Gretchen Said on:

    [mouth watering]


  5. Jill Said on:

    I LOVE that store. They just opened a second location at 70th & A…right down the street from Lincoln East HS. Smart smart smart.


  6. Karla Said on:

    Just looking at the pictures is giving me cavities…


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