Timing isn’t everything. There’s other stuff, too.

March 18, 2011


Fun fact: Due to an extremely poor memory and lack of attention, I cannot re-tell a joke. (Let alone an off-color one.)

Example: Thursday night: watching t.v. A commercial comes on. Lauren mutes the t.v.

Lauren: I want to tell you a joke.

Lloyd: *sigh* Go ahead.

Lauren: Ok. Ok. two snowbirds, Roy and Betty – wait, let me think how it goes. Give me a minute. (Thinking sounds.)

Lloyd: *sigh* How long is this going to take?

Lauren: Ok. Ok. Roy and Betty are on vacation. In Texas. Roy buys a hat and tries it on at home, but Betty doesn’t say anything. So Roy goes into the bathroom and takes off all his clothes except for the hat, comes out and says to Betty, “Notice anything?” Betty looks at him and says, “It was pointing down yesterday and it’s pointing down “……. wait. Did I say boots or a hat?

Lloyd: A hat.

Lauren: Dang it! ………never mind……..


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4 Responses to “Timing isn’t everything. There’s other stuff, too.”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Maybe if you stuck to jokes kids tell it would be easier?

    …try to sneak the phrase “snively snivels” into your punchlines.


  2. Kristi Said on:

    Maybe you could make a book of mad-lib jokes. Make it a fill-in-the-blank joke book. I bet it would be a huge hit.


  3. Peggy Said on:


    Don’t worry Lauren….you don’t need to retell jokes…..you are way too funny all on your own!!!! All the best comics can’t tell other people’s jokes! That’s a fact.


  4. Lauren Said on:

    Er, aside from the crazy eyes I see I gave myself one eyebrow. Oops.


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