Organ Recital Virgin

April 5, 2011

Lloyd, Videos

I was an organ recital virgin until 7:30 yesterday evening. We had a fair number of friends who played the organ in college, but I never went to a recital. Yesterday I went to Kurt Knecht‘s recital at Nebraska Wesleyan. There was a pretty good crowd there, from which I assumed Kurt has a lot of friends. There were also a fair number of people in attendance from The City of Lincoln Lutheran Choir. Kurt is our accompanist, and his recital happened to coincide with Lauren having something or other to do.

One of the pieces that Kurt played was a Sonata that he wrote. Here’s the Spinning toward Euphoria movement of Kurt Knecht’s Sursum Sonata

I also learned something at this recital. I now know that I like the third movement of organ pieces the best. It was a good recital. I would definitely recommend it.


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15 Responses to “Organ Recital Virgin”

  1. Brad Said on:

    It seemes like I went to lots of organ recitals in college. Was that a requirement of one of my classes?


    • Kristi Said on:

      Oh, yes. Don’t you remember all of the recitals we attended, signed our names, and turned in to the music office for “credit”?


  2. Lauren Said on:

    Way to get cultured, Lloyd. I’d say it’s about time.

    Do you think he has “can’t-stop-playing-the-organ” dreams or other some such nightmares? Perhaps that the organ is trying to eat him?


  3. Peggy Said on:

    Oh my goodness, I was a virgin until about 7:30pm last night too. The stars must have been aligned for us first timers.

    I played in my very first ever concert last night…ever! Handbells. And for the first time in my life, my name was on a program as a performer. A musical performer! What the what….?!?


  4. Deborah Said on:

    You never went to one of Kristi’s organ recitals? After all that work she did with you tenors?


    • Lloyd Said on:

      She made us swear that we wouldn’t come to any of them. She said something about there being too much squeaking as it was.


  5. Kristi Said on:

    By the way, I NEVER play the third movement of organ pieces.


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