Cereal troubles.

April 25, 2011


I am annoyed at Special K. Their Red Berries brand is full of cereal and delicious dehydrated strawberry slices, but all the shuffling the boxes go through in transit make the first fourth of the box practically all strawberries, the second fourth a decent mix, and the last half a sad, strawberry-less experience. Can’t they layer this better or work out the specific gravity of their cereal to match the strawberries? Am I using the term specific gravity correctly?

It's all about keeping the ratios pure.

Regardless, it is causing me too much stress in the morning. I have internet surfing to do, and there’s no time for all this picking out of the berries!

Hear me, Special K! Hear me!!

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6 Responses to “Cereal troubles.”

  1. Brad Said on:

    What if you tried opening a box from the bottom? The first bowls might require some strawberry picking so they wouldn’t be just flakes, but perhaps the rest would work itself out.


    • Lauren Said on:

      That is why I am promoting you Joseph to my Pharaoh. You’re good with food management.


      • Brad Said on:

        Sorry for being such a smarty pants so early in the comments.

        So how did they get strawberries to dehydrate so nicely? When we tried them in your dehydrator, we got one of the most nasty-tasting results I can remember eating. Just thinking about it makes me want to brush my teeth. With gasoline.


        • Jill Said on:

          I think they’re freeze dried. We have a bag of freeze dried strawberries that taste just like the cereal strawberries (I like that cereal, too). My dad is a health nut…we have lots of freeze dried fruit. For the record, just because it’s “healthier” doesn’t make it taste good.


    • Peggy Said on:

      What are you doing up so early? Aren’t you on vacation?

      I agree…Stupid Special K! Maybe you could proto-type a sifter with holes big enough to sift out the cereal part. And then put that in one zip lock bag & the strawberries in another. A pain for sure, but the big-holed sifter might be fine to make.


  2. Christina Said on:

    I buy Special K with strawberries as well. We had a weevil problem a couple of years ago, so I bought about five of the cheapo clear cereal holders for the pantry….so we always dump our cereal out of the original containers into these. The dump seems to redistribute the strawberry ratio, because I haven’t had a problem with too many/to few berries in the mix. Since I can see the whole contents of the box at one time, I must say I am impressed with the number of berries that Special K adds…..so many of the “healthy” cereals really chinz on the “good” stuff!


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