MacGyver curtains.

May 6, 2011


So, you have company arriving that evening but no curtains in the guest room?

And you say you have curtain rods but can’t seem to find those dish towels curtains that you bought a couple of months ago?

Are you getting frustrated?

Well, fear not! Dental floss and Lloyd’s shirts in the guest closet to the rescue!

Nobody likes to be seen in Seward.

Good enough for now.

I’m certain I’ve started a hot new home trend.

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Lauren Sommerer is a preschool teacher who likes to build prototypes, grow cats, cook things once, save money, reduce, reuse and recycle.

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8 Responses to “MacGyver curtains.”

  1. Brad Said on:

    You could have just spray-painted the windows.

    But I like what you did, too. Except it looks like a person and would probably scare the bejeebers out of me in the middle of the night.


  2. Kristi Said on:

    Attach a head, and you’ve got the makings of some gossip around town.


    • Peggy Said on:

      Or make the shirt fly around the room with some eerie music!

      I LOVE your resoursefulness!!!!


  3. Kristi Said on:

    That is one cute dental floss holder-thing. Where did you get it?


  4. Marisa Said on:

    My husband, the Hawaiian shirt lover, will cry out in pain when he sees this. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  5. Amy Said on:



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