Shoulda stayed home

May 30, 2011


So it seems that I just can’t pick out glasses on the first try. Lloyd went into Lenscrafters with me and helped me pick out three ‘maybe’ pairs. The first were too tiger-stripey, the second were too almost exactly what I have, and the third were ginormous. Wanting to branch out, but deathly afraid of tigers, I chose the third option. (They were the cheapest.)

We went away for about an hour, then when we returned to pay, I sat down and noticed the big giant words over the section my glasses came from:

Men’s Frames


I do not like them. Actually, I’m not sure if I like them. I might be able to give them a ‘they’re enormous but hey – I’m quirky!’ shot, but whenever I put them on they feel drastically, drastically wrong. So wrong I think that the left eye might be the wrong prescription. I’m going to try them first thing in the morning when my eye muscles aren’t all messed up, then we’ll see.

Thank you, Lenscrafters, for the 90 day return policy.

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10 Responses to “Shoulda stayed home”

  1. Brad Said on:

    I hate not knowing whether I’m looking at the mens section or womens section in stores. The more trendy and young the place is, the harder it is to tell. Maybe they could make a special section to help people like me out. They could call it “clueless”. Hehehe…

    Me: “Excuse me, young store employee, but is this shirt mens or womens?”
    YSE: “Sir, I think you want the back corner over there. That’s our ‘clueless’ section.”


    • Karla Said on:

      That happens to me, only in the clothing section. I usually manage to wander into the petites section and get irritated that I can’t find the long pants. And then I wonder why the clothes rack is so low.



  2. Mary Ellen Said on:

    Cannot sleep-terrible sore throat. Cannot make any noise-small house, sleeping family. Hey, I think I’ll catch up with Lloyd and Lauren, that’s quiet and doesn’t involve swallowing. Thanks for the diversion. Return the glasses.


  3. Deborah Said on:

    I asked once which were the mens and which were the womens. They told me there were no sections. Get whatever you want.


  4. Beth Said on:

    They remind me of Drew Carrey’s glasses.


  5. Karla Said on:

    My pair of glasses before the current ones were mens. They ended up being a means to an end -- I needed flexible frames because Anna had broken my previous pair by yanking them off my head. I went with Flexon frames -- crazy expensive, but toddler safe.

    I got new frames this past January. They had a broader selection of Flexon, so now I have women’s frames. Right after I ordered them, I was telling someone at work how the new glasses would be bendy and I went to demonstrate with my current frames. They bent and then they snapped apart. Oopsies.


  6. Lauren Said on:

    Worst of all -- I forgot to try them on with my newly-rested eyes. I was reading my websites at breakfast when I remembered. Dang. Gotta put them upstairs…..


  7. Peggy Said on:

    Yea, I say get whatever you want….if you like it, don’t worry if it’s in the men’s section (or womens). If you can’t tell, no one else will be able to either.


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