Floss, you idiot.

September 8, 2011


God bless our dentist’s office for calling to remind people that they have an appointment the following day. After that meeting I listened to the message and thought, “Yikes! I hope I don’t forget that.”

At work this morning I looked at our communication log and thought, “Yikes! I forgot about it already! Thanks, Lauren From The Past for writing it down.” Throughout the day people reminded me, for which I am grateful.

I had three cavities to be fixed. Two were in the same spot – where two molars touch.

The experience was partly cool, but mostly awful. Things have changed since I last had work done. Now they give you sunglasses so your retinas don’t burn out staring at the lights, and they also gave me some sort of jaw brace (think old-school eraser) to bite on to keep my mouth open.

Other than that, same story. Same cactus-like dried tongue just hanging out in my mouth not knowing what to do, same eyes drying out because I don’t blink – I just stare straight up toward my brain (though now I can see the weave of the dentist’s shirt reflected in the sunglasses), and a super-duper bonus, my stuck ear bones turn the drilling and grinding into a ‘my head is stuck in a race car engine’ experience.

Floss. Just floss.

(I will forget to floss.)

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9 Responses to “Floss, you idiot.”

  1. Brad Said on:

    My dentist calls me too. I love that. But I do remember to go the next day.

    And I am so glad to hear that someone my age is having work done on their teeth. It seems like no one else I know ever has to do anything when they go to the dentist. I have at least one thing per check up. And sometimes something in between. Sheesh!


    • Beth Said on:

      It’s payback for you since you breezed through childhood with nary a dental related thing.


      • Brad Said on:

        I did so have dental difficulties: After each checkup, when it was time to get the treat, I had to decide whether it would be a piece of candy or a plastic spider ring. That was hard!


  2. Peggy Said on:

    Yikes! This reminds me that I have to make an appointment. My dentist calls to remind me it’s time for a check-up & I say ‘Oh yea’. Now 6 months have passed.

    I like my dentist….he is hilarious & sounds like Jimmy Stewart.


  3. Kristi Said on:

    Joanna had her first cavity at her last check-up. I asked her if the novocaine shot hurt. To which she replied, “I didn’t get a shot for anything, Mom.” Really? My girlfriend’s kids said the same thing. Life is not fair.


  4. Gretchen Said on:

    I went to the dentist last month. It was the clinic on base -- the same place that all the people who drink nothing but energy drinks go. The hygenist raved about how my teeth were the best she’d seen all day.
    My point is this: If you want to feel good about your teeth go to a place where people with really rotten teeth go.


  5. Lloyd Said on:

    Before a checkup this summer, I had somehow missed going to the dentist for the last seven years.


  6. Kitt Said on:

    When there’s drilling to be done, I take the day off work, pop valium before I go and get novocaine *and* laughing gas. Because I can.

    And when I wake up from my post-dentist nap, I go out for a nice dinner with my husband.


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