It’s like raaa-aaaa-aaaiiiinnnnnn….

September 12, 2011

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Lauren (washing dishes by hand and staring meditatively at the suds): “You know what’s ironic?”

Lloyd: “Are you sure it’s ironic? Because people misuse that word all the time.

Lauren (deflatedly): “….. it’s not ironic.”

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Lauren Sommerer is a preschool teacher who likes to build prototypes, grow cats, cook things once, save money, reduce, reuse and recycle.

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8 Responses to “It’s like raaa-aaaa-aaaiiiinnnnnn….”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Well isn’t that a black fly in your Chardonnay.

    Here’s a fun read if you have the time:


  2. Kristi Said on:

    I still want to know what you thought was ironic.


    • Lauren Said on:

      I thought it was ironic is how often I’ve done dishes by hand since we’ve bought the new dishwasher. It holds so much by the time we have enough for a full load it’s stinky. That’s not ironic.

      It might be ironic that I found out I like doing by dishes by hand, but discovered it after we spent money on a new one?


  3. Deanne Said on:

    I dont think it really matters whether what you were thinking was, in fact, ironic. What matters is that your flower is all wilted. 🙁


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