Back in the habit

October 23, 2011

Journal, Prototype

This new medicine I’m on has to be taken 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner. I had been remembering the morning dose very well during the week (I take it before I get in the shower), but when the weekend came my routine was off and I forgot until after I ate.

I have two new ideas to try: I’m going to put a sign in the shower so hopefully I’ll remember before I get in. This has a couple of things against it: the letters will have to be huge because I’m blind and also, I shower by the light of a nightlight. (It helps me feel like I’m still in bed and not really having to wake up so early.)

Should the sign not work, though, I have a backup plan to keep some pills in the shower. Food Sucker to the rescue! I made a skinny envelope and heat-sealed some waterproof pockets for the pills.

Heh. This picture was originally titled baggie.  All this drug talk.

I couldn’t get it to seal after putting the pill inside. Turns out you have to roll up the end to get it inside the ‘vacuum’ area. Lesson learned.

The pills aren't supposed to be exposed to moisture. Do they know they're going in my stomach?

Ready for air removal.

Heh. All this talk about ‘rolling’ and pills – I wonder what kind of spam this post will will draw.

Food Sucker plastic is impossible to tear, so I’m attaching a clippers to it in case I actually have to take out a pill. Hey, as I write this, I think I have the sign figured out, too:

I'll hang it from the soap holder.

Does anyone know if that nail clipper is going to rust?

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7 Responses to “Back in the habit”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Just be careful that you don’t wash yourself with a pill and swallow the soap!


  2. Quiana Said on:

    I’m pretty sure it will rust, actually.

    I had a pair fall out into my trunk and when it sprang a leak, it was a mess.


  3. John and Kate Brady Said on:

    If you’re in the shower, there should be plenty of water available to take that pill!


  4. Matt Said on:

    How are you going to reach the pill closest to the clippers?


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