Blurry Joy

November 5, 2011


Saturday we celebrated Macy’s 10th birthday – a momentous day in everyone’s life! Welcome to the double digits, Macy! I took many pictures but they are all blurry. Maybe I need a new pocket camera, but it was probably just hard to capture the excitement of a birthday. 😉

I remember that when she was born I drove to Norfolk to meet her, and came back that same night. As I was driving on the dark highway out in the middle of nowhere, I saw brightness in the sky that told me I was probably coming up to a town. After driving several miles and not actually getting to any buildings, I looked at the sky, saw the light moving and realized that they were Northern Lights! I freaked out!!

This was in the days before cell phones were common, so I had to keep driving and driving until I actually got to a town that had a pay phone so I could call Lloyd and tell him to drive out to the country to see them. It was amazing. Northern lights in Nebraska.


You were born on a magical day, Macy. 🙂 Have a magical year!

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5 Responses to “Blurry Joy”

  1. Gretchen Said on:

    I’m reading this without my glasses so I didn’t even notice the blurriness. Everything is blurry.

    Happy Birthday, Macy! And I’m wondering…10 years of what?


  2. Brad Said on:

    Happy Birthday to Macy!

    I missed the one chance I’ve had to see the Northern Lights when I wouldn’t poke my head out of a cold tent on a cold night in Colorado or South Dakota or some such place. Lloyd tried to get me and John to look, but we wouldn’t. He kept insisting until finally we just lied and said it was beautiful.


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