Bad Theology, but it’s catchy!

November 17, 2011

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I was doing some baking in the kitchen and suddenly Lloyd burst out with:

Three little angels all dressed in white,
Tried to get to heaven on the end of a kite
oh, well the kite string broke and down they all fell.
Instead of going to heaven, they all went to … two little angels..

I don’t think he expected me to join in and jump around the kitchen singing all the rest of the verses, stomping and flinging muffin batter around.

Three little devils all dressed in red, tried to get to heaven on the end of the thread… (proceed through devils), then

Three little monsters all dressed in green, tried to get to heaven on the end of a string…. (Proceed through monsters)

I have searched YouTube for a link to the song, but none do it justice. I prefer my camp tunes just as I prefer my hymns – way too fast with a driving beat.

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12 Responses to “Bad Theology, but it’s catchy!”

  1. Gretchen Said on:

    I haven’t heard that one, but it might be in the same hymnal as this catchy tune:
    In heaven there is no beer
    That’s why we drink it here
    And when then we’ll leave down here
    Our friends will be drinking all the beer.


  2. Brad Said on:

    I know that song because my mom used to sing it sometimes. I thought it was scandalous that she almost said the “h-word”. Oh, how I would giggle…

    Interesting fact: That song is one of the most insidious and persistent earworms you can give me. I am going to have to play some seriously loud music in my classroom before school to try to drive this tune out of my head.


    • Beth Said on:

      Sha-doo-bee-doo-wap, ba-dang-a-lang-a-lang! Boom-ba-da! Ba-doo-ba-doo-ba-dang! OH! Life would be a dreeeeam…

      (It works for me every time…)


  3. Peggy Said on:

    HA! That’s how I always look when I’m in my kitchen Lauren. Except I get pillows thrown at me.

    We always sang this as kids:

    And from the same artist, for Lloyd:


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