November 20, 2011


On Saturday night Lloyd refused to stop watching a terrible war movie and let me watch my recorded episodes of Hoarders, so instead I got a box out from the basement to see if there was anything I could throw out.

No. No, there wasn’t.

It was full of stuff from my childhood! Sure, half of it is useless, but the other half was great. Here are some samples:

* A real Rubik’s cube with plastic colored tabs, not just the stickers.
* A giant ball of string. One summer in college I worked at a condo/hotel and the clean laundry arrived bundled and tied. I saved the string.
* A picture (3rd grade?) that shows that my abilities refuse to advance.
* My hat. I love it! Somewhere there has to be a picture of me in that hat.
* A book about the latest and greatest technology from the early 70’s! Score!

My handwriting has not advanced, either.

The book showed machines that moms (and ‘only moms’) use for cooking, sewing and doing laundry, but other than that – it spoke some deep truths:

A magic box, indeed.

Look closely at this next picture. A memory fugue hit hard when I saw it:

It's the eraser!

That eraser! We had one, and I would spend an awful lot of time staring at it while turning it on its wheel and playing with the brush – but I never dared erase with it. I don’t think I was supposed to be messing around with the fancy office-y things.

Ahhhh….. technology.

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4 Responses to “Re-call”

  1. Brad Said on:

    When you’re mad you wear pants, and when you’re happy you wear a skirt? Now I can tell from a distance how you’re feeling for the day. I’ll make a note of it.


  2. Peggy Said on:

    A memory fugue hit me hard when I saw your book! I had a whole slew of books that were in the shape of whatever the story was about. I LOVED those books!!

    And one thing hasn’t changed since that book was published….TV is still a magic box!!


  3. Nigel Said on:

    That post was lovely, Lauren. i love getting nostalgic. Somewhere around here is a box of my memories from childhood.
    that ball of string is priceless….


  4. Lauren Said on:

    Brad: I wear pants everyday. :/

    Peggy: I thought there were more of these! I love them.

    Nigel: Thank you!


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