Things in the hospital.

November 26, 2011


Lloyd’s dad is in a very nice hospital. Being fascinated by things, here are some items of interest I’d like to share with you:

The tiny little sink in one of the bathrooms:

The ice/water machine, which dispenses rabbit-turd ice, the best ice known to man:

The flooring: (When Stephannie had her first baby we saw nice vinyl flooring that looked like wood. That’s why we have it in our upstairs bathroom.)

Signs in Papyrus, my favorite font:

And lastly, Jefferson City is situated on the most crumpled piece of land I’ve ever seen. The hills rival San Francisco (at least I imagine they would – I’ve never been). The parking lot to this place is a mass of hills that have to be awful when it ices over. I’m sure there are plenty of accidents here in the winter, but I guess it’s a good spot for that.

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9 Responses to “Things in the hospital.”

  1. Brad Said on:

    I love this post. This is how I see the world. It’s why I never know what’s going on when I see some pro sports event in person, but also why it’s so fun to go.


  2. Lauren's mom Said on:

    Granddaddy Hofman spent a lot of time at that hospital, making hospital visits to members, when he lived at California, Missouri.


  3. Mary Ellen Said on:

    That’s a Scotsman MD2TC12 Touchfree air cooled cubelet ice maker. Available to the public for around $3000. Sorry, I just wanted to use the word “cubelet” in a sentence.


  4. Peggy Said on:

    Thanks for the pictorial of all things cool & interesting! I LOVE that ice machine! I never knew there was such a thing. Our new Chair at work just gave the ok for us to get a Keurig & that thing is so fun! I wonder if we could convince her that we need a cubelet maker…..for guests of course. I wonder if they have a smaller version.


  5. Kristi Said on:

    There weren’t any cookies by the ice maker? Hmmm. Somebody is slacking.


  6. Quiana Said on:

    My grandmother has been in a very fancy hospital. Beautiful views, fancy window seat, calming color scheme.
    I came to visit her on Thanksgiving and told her it was fancier than my place and maybe I should move in with her and sleep on the window seat. She gave me cranky face.
    Since she’s been sick I’ve been doing a tour of Seattle area hospitals. It’s pretty interesting I think. Though I’m boring. And apparently not funny.


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