Delicious Smokiness

December 11, 2011


Lloyd and I went to Lincoln on Sunday to run some errands and attend his staff Christmas party in the evening. Lloyd and Joel (from school) needed to pick up some shelves Lloyd bought at an auction, but first we all had lunch at Southwest Pit BBQ.

Lloyd and I waited in the parking lot for a little bit, and in the rearview mirror I saw a guy wearing a backpack and a Santa hat approach the restaurant. He stopped and lingered by a little metal trailer, and naturally I thought that he might be a homeless man peeing. (That would have been the second I’ve seen in my life.) But no, he was smoking a cigarette, and when he was done, he went inside.

Turns out, he was one of the cooks.

He is handing over a bag of goodness.

I was intrigued by how tiny the place is: it has one picnic table inside that could seat 6, two little round tables that seat three, and one table that seats two. Imagine a building that’s about 25′ by 25′, divide it in half, and there’s the place. Half kitchen, half seating. It is also freezing cold inside.

At the little counter.

They smoke all their meats, and I thought it was fantastic. Lloyd and Joel said that the wings were better than other wings they’ve had, but the pork and brisket were just comparable. I think they are crazy.

I loved the way everything was served – set in the middle of a foil square with the sides folded up. Fold ’em down and there’s your plate.

My delicious sandwich is inside.

I was feeling good and happy about my life until some cool college kids walked in and reminded me that I’m old. One was a beautiful girl who has no idea that one day she’ll grow older and despise the youth of others.

(Not that I despised her specifically, but I did think her boots had some unnecessary fastenings. Seriously? Ties and buckles and zippers? Are you worried someone will steal them or that they will fall off your feet?)

I am bitter because I am jealous.

Back to the review: Good food. Bring a sweater. Oh, and there’s no bathroom inside. (Or outside, either.)

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5 Responses to “Delicious Smokiness”

  1. Brad Said on:

    That’s like the barbecue place I go to: very tiny, and no climate control. In the summer it’s HOT, but in the winter it’s not so bad because the grill heats the place up. Mmm… barbecue…


  2. Kristi Said on:

    How sneaky did you have to be to capture a picture of those shoes? She doesn’t know it yet, but all that bending over to snap, fasten, zip, and velcro will lead to back problems when she gets OLD.


  3. Peggy Said on:

    Their menu makes me sad. ‘Little Pig’ and ‘Little Cow’ sniff

    And Lauren, I always tell Brad -- whenever you feel your age when you see such youngins’ … keep in mind that they may be young, but they’re stupid.


  4. Lloyd Said on:

    This is the 4th or so restaurant that we’ve gone to because we had cheap gift certificates from The certificates cost something like $4.00 for a $25.00 certificate, but you have to order $35.00 worth of food. We talked to the owner about them and he said that the cost covered the cost of the food and they just ate the rest to get new customers in the door.


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