Audience participation!

December 16, 2011


(In jump rope chant rhythm, slowly. Lloyd didn’t get it, so I’ve bolded the words on the beat.)

(Jump jump jump jump)
One. Two. Three. Six.
Four more numbers join the mix.
Seven.Fourteen. Twenty-One
Factors are such mathy fun
End the string with Forty-Two.
Watch the birthday girl boo-hoo.
It’s your turn to write a line.
Doesn’t even have to rhyme.
(jump jump jump jump)

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Lauren Sommerer is a preschool teacher who likes to build prototypes, grow cats, cook things once, save money, reduce, reuse and recycle.

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12 Responses to “Audience participation!”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Happy Birtday, Lauren dear.
    Forty-two is a great year.
    It’s the answer, good or worse,
    To Life, the Universe
    And Everything.

    (Dang. I couldn’t make the last part work. Consider it free verse. Maybe I’ll try again when it’s not so early, but who’s kiddin’ who? Early morning is when my mind is the sharpest.)


  2. Lauren's dad Said on:



  3. Mary Ellen Said on:

    Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
    Hip Hip Hooray
    It’s Miss Lauren’s Special Day
    Skit Skat Skootle Doot
    Flip Flop Flee
    Next Year She’ll be Forty -Three

    Happy Birthday Lauren!!!


  4. Amused Lurker Said on:

    You don’t know me,
    Nor I you.
    But have a Happy


  5. Lloyd Said on:

    I know today
    I’ll have to do
    You want me to.

    But before
    Your fun begins
    There is one chore:
    State surplus auction.


  6. Mark Said on:

    You were once a little girl
    And in your dress you’d spin and twirl
    Now you are but forty-two
    So Happy Birthday, Sis, to you!


  7. Kristi Said on:

    Hope your day is full of fun.
    Say good-bye to forty-one.

    Go ahead and eat some cake.
    Then a nap you shall go take.

    Lau-ren, Lau-ren, For-ty two,
    Looks so very good on you.

    Happy Birthday, Lauren!


  8. Peggy Said on:

    It’s your birthday,yabba dabba do,
    The birthday girl shall not boo hoo,
    Fabulous and marvelous is the age of forty-two,
    Instead jump and shout, Hooray--Woo hoo!!

    For I was once that spry forty two,
    Now my bones creak & wail oh poo,
    Slightly deaf & brain failing too,
    Rejoice I say, in being forty two!


  9. Lauren's mom Said on:

    Oh, dear! You mean I have to write?
    I’d really rather fly a kite.
    Happy Birthday to my Lauren!
    Hope your year is full of fun.


  10. Lauren Said on:

    Today I had a lovely time,
    shopping, eating, reading rhymes.
    From North to South to East to West
    I think you guys are just the best!


  11. Mom Said on:

    Lloyd said “Happy Birthday
    I’m sending this your way
    don’let the smiles stray
    Enjoy the day your way.


  12. Jill Said on:

    Happy Birthday, Now you know,
    What it’s like to be that old!

    Happy Happy Birthday. Too bad I reached it before you!


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