“Ugly” – It’s all sewn up.

December 18, 2011


Happy Birthday, Lloyd! I was going to do something clever about your being 42 and try to incorporate the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy thing about the answer, but it just never happened. Instead, I made you a sweater.

Lloyd’s faculty has decided to have Ugly Christmas Sweater Day on Thursday, but Lloyd doesn’t have a Christmas sweater*. I thought about buying one, but that would be a waste of money. Plus, there is the inevitable ‘Taste’ dilemma – what one person finds ugly, someone else might find adorable, and someone might make a comment one way or the other, revealing themselves as having different Taste.

Hmmmm… what to do…..

I know! Two packs of battery-operated Christmas lights and some yarn outta ugly up a regular sweater right good! (Plus, it is an old, old sweater that used to be cool decades ago, but is firmly in the ‘Cosby Show’ category.)

I turned it inside out, put a piece of cardboard inside it so I wouldn’t accidentally sew the back to the front, and started making terrible, sloppy stitches along the string of lights, poking the bulbs through to the front.

I'm sporting the 'pencil in the hair because I can't find any hair clips' look.

After it was all finished, it was such a ruinous mess – I was disappointed that I didn’t just sew the lights on from the front. That would have been very Frankensteinian Ugly.

It's the only yarn I have.

Lloyd tried it on, and it will work just fine. The battery packs fit in his pockets, and he has the choice of ‘steady’ or ‘twinkle’.

I hope he picks twinkle.

Good enough for who it’s for.

*Fun fact: Each time I’ve tried to type ‘sweater’, including that time, I’ve typed ‘sweather’ instead.

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15 Responses to ““Ugly” – It’s all sewn up.”

  1. Brad Said on:

    1) Are you wearing a winter coat inside your house?

    2) Lloyd’s in jetpack position in that last picture. I think your next project should be turning an old Bill Cosby sweater into a jetpack.


  2. Lloyd Said on:

    Thanks for my sweather.


  3. Mom Said on:

    Happy Birthday to you.Happy Birthday to you and many more.
    Do they give a prize for being original?


  4. Peggy Said on:

    That sweater is awesome! You will be the envy of all! And I think it makes a nice birthday sweater as well….it’s like candles on a cake….I hope there are 42 blinkers.

    Happy Birthday! (And Lauren….how in the world do you get your hair to stay up like that with just a pencil?!? Amazing!)


    • Lauren Said on:

      It’s one of the only skills I learned in college. You twist some of it into a bun, thread a pen/pencil through the hair against your scalp beside the bun, then through the bun, then anchor to the other side. It isn’t super-attractive, but it keeps it out of my eyes.


  5. Kristi Said on:

    Happy Birthday, Lloyd!


  6. Lauren's dad Said on:

    I wouldn’t have the courage to be seen in private wearing that thing which my daughter modified.


  7. Kristi Said on:

    Will the lights on your sweater get hot and overheat? Will you spontaneously combust? I guess that’s one way to go out with a bang.


  8. Mark Said on:

    Happy birthday, Lloyd! (*WHEW!* I made it.)


  9. Kris Said on:

    Happy birthday, Lloyd, and good job on the sweater, Lauren! Is there a prize awarded on Ugly Christmas Sweater Day?


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