Jars and Socks and Lids – part two.

January 31, 2012

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So, you’ve seen the jar with the sock, yes? Well, Marisa mentioned the Cuppow in the comments, and I was familiar with it from her website and others and was curious about it. It is very ingenious – it is a reusable lid that you use with a canning jar ring to turn your jar into a travel mug. Go see their website – it’s very cool.

Ok, so here’s where the guilt will rip at my stomach. I love that the Cuppow people thought up such a smart thing and then had the gumption to create it and market it! Kudos to them!! Bravo!!

With that being said…. er, Cheap Girl tried to prototype her own version.

(Hangs head in shame for not financially contributing to entrepreneurs’ success.)

(Lifts head in small amount of pride for spelling ‘entrepreneurs’ correctly on the first try.)

Honestly, I’m never going to take this jar out of my house – I have plenty of thermal travel mugs for that. If I bought a Cuppow it would be one more thing that sat around here for years and eventually would go to Goodwill. I’m trying to be resourceful here, so I tried some homemade options.

Warning: Do not try my homemade options. Buy the Cuppow instead.

Option One: I just need a top with a hole. Hello, Beer Lizard! Let’s damage some lids.

Such a useful lizard.

It reminds me of opening Hi-C cans as a kid.

Ain't no good.

Good in theory, and it did work, but while the top had a smooth surface for drinking, the underside is skin-slicingly dangerous. Not good for washing and re-using.

Option Two: Find a lid. I don’t have pictures of the various lids I tried to see if they’d fit without modifications. As it turns out, the wide-lid jar size is almost universal. Almost. I had a few things I could have tried, but they all would have leaked.

Eventually I found that the lids from the set of ‘disposable’ sippy cups that I kept on hand for when little kids would come over fit pretty darn well. I sliced off the outer edge, cut out the inside of the sippy part, smoothed the cut edge with the magic of fire and – viola’! Something I could clamp down, leak-free!

I took it to the Gebhardts on Sunday where there were some stares and the phrase, “Is that a sippy cup?” was uttered several times (from both adults and children). My ego took some blows, especially since no one noticed the sock. *sniff*

I have since lowered the profile, as you can see in the banner photo. I balanced the cut part on top for the photo below so you can see how much I cut off, but it still has sippy-cup-like proportions.

It would be awkward if I fused these together.

Oh, well. At least it was an afternoon of puttering fun. I do so love to putter.

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6 Responses to “Jars and Socks and Lids – part two.”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Sheesh! Just reading about all that work makes me tired. What did I do yesterday afternoon? I watched an episode of House on DVR.


  2. Deborah Said on:

    So why the electrical tape on the switch in the background?


  3. Peggy Said on:

    Way to go! You wanted it, and you made it happen. I wish I had that kind of persistence.

    My questions: 1. In the one photograph, did you capture your next door neighbor in the bathroom again? 2. Is that a cutting board with a cross carved on it? It.is.BEAUTIFUL!!


    • Lauren Said on:

      No neighbors in the bathroom, dang it.

      The cutting board is a wedding present from our then-president of our college. It is beautiful, but am I right that I should never, ever cut something on it? 😉


  4. Marisa Said on:

    I love this! Yay Lauren!


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