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February 4, 2012


Lloyd’s fruit of choice lately has been oranges. He bought a big giant bag of them last week and we are working our way through them. Go, Vitamin C! Beat Scurvy!

I’ve gone on and on before about how much I like to peel them, but with these oranges I’m using the peel to make roses. It just takes a minute, and it’s very satisfying.

Peel, cut the peel in half (or just rip off one end if you want a giant rose) and start rolling from the cut end to the curly end. It’s like making these paper flowers, but with really delicious-smelling, oddly thick paper that makes your fingers oily.

Just rip,
Cut or rip. Your choice.

Roll it up and keep the 'bottom' of the rose level. The final curl goes around and makes it extra-great.

and shove a toothpick through it to hold it together. (This rose is way too big.)

I photoshopped-out the grossest parts of my thumb.

I like that as they dry they are kind of curving into more petal-like forms. I’m hoping by the end of this bag of oranges I’ll have a whole bouquet’s worth…… and then what will I do with them?

We have eaten more oranges than this, but I goofed up the first few roses.

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6 Responses to “Little bitty fun thing”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Your roses are pretty. 🙂

    I’m glad to see those aren’t Clementines. I think the peels of Clementines have a horrible, bitter smell. I can’t eat them because the smell of the peel always gets on the fruit.


  2. Kristi Said on:

    I bet nobody’s entered those orange roses into the open class at the county fair before.


  3. Peggy Said on:

    Those indeed are lovely! How long does the skin stay good smelling? You could use them as room freshners thru out the house.

    Or sit them outside in your garden. They would look super nice & I think get quite a few double looks as people drive by


    • Lauren Said on:

      The oldest ones are just a few days old, and to me they only smell if you hold them right up to your nose. I’m thinking about taking them to preschool -- the kids will enjoy them. Let’s hear it for multi-sensory experiences! Beat Scurvy!

      …. wait. Wrong cheer.


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