Married Too Long: Cheers

April 12, 2012


Lauren (making lunch): Up, Up, on your feet!
Lloyd (playing a computer game and not looking up from the screen): What are we doing?
Lauren: Beating the Delta Panthers!
Lloyd (sighing robotically): That’s impossible. The Delta Panthers cannot be beaten.
Lauren: That’s right! (Strikes victory pose) The Delta Panthers cannot be beaten!

(Lunch-making and game-playing resume in silence.)

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4 Responses to “Married Too Long: Cheers”

  1. Brad Said on:

    That reminds me of an old episode of the Simpsons --

    Hynpotist: You are all very good players…
    Team: [entranced] We are all very good players…
    Hypnotist: You will beat Shelbyville…
    Team: We will beat Shelbyville…
    Hypnotist: You will give one hundred and ten percent…
    Team: That’s impossible. No one can give more than one hundred percent. By definition that is the most anyone can give…


  2. Peggy Said on:

    Way to play along Lloyd!!! Reading your posts are sometimes like looking through the looking glass for me & seeing how things are supposed to be.

    We recently watched Walk the Line that was on TV. Shortyly after,also in the kitchen, began:

    I’ve got arms,
    I’ve got arms,
    (silence—then, but you got no voice)

    Btw: I sound just like Reese! Let’s gooooooo….


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