That pesky last step

May 1, 2012


I recently came across a ‘clean up your house’ website that had a foul word in its name, so I won’t link to it, but there was a really good little tidbit that spoke about dishes and laundry that basically said, “Final step – put it away. Everybody forgets that last part.”


I stink at the put it away part of anything. It’s what incapacitates me in any effort to be a clean person. Case in point: Every morning I shower, eat breakfast and make a cup of tea, but take the tea back up to the bathroom to drink while I finish getting ready. Then I leave the cup there. I don’t even see them gathered on the countertop until I set the next one beside all the others. “Hmmm. I should take those back downstairs.”

This morning was the only time I remember bringing them back to the kitchen. I think Lloyd does it.

Sorry, Lloyd.

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4 Responses to “That pesky last step”

  1. Gretchen Said on:

    Me too! Folded laundry sitting around the house is my worst culprit. When I see it I hear my mom’s voice in my head, “Finish the job!” If only we had some little elves around. Maybe the ones that helped the shoemaker are available.


  2. Brad Said on:

    That is also true for me in regard to home projects. I still haven’t put the kickboards on my kitchen base cabinets. I installed the cabinets in 2006. 🙁


  3. Lauren's dad Said on:

    That’s why our car was never in the parsonage garage—the woodworking tools were rarely put away and neither were the tools used on the cars, bicycles and lawnmower, etc. You were mentored, Lauren!


  4. Peggy Said on:

    Oh my….this list could be long! My biggest one is laundry too. The pool table is really a table to hold all the laundry.


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