Wait, Wait, Don’t wake me.

May 3, 2012


Some back story:

1) Back in the fall I made a donation to NPR because the prize was two tickets to a May 3rd taping of their news quiz show, “Wait! Wait! Don’t tell me!” Listening to it is one of the few ways I get my news.

2) Due to some schedule changes at school, I’m opening the Center for a while, and am getting to work at 5:50 a.m. It’s very peaceful and nice and I actually like it quite a bit, but I do have to get to bed by an early hour or I’m a little cranky. (Well, I’m cranky for lots of reasons, but lack of sleep is one.)

3) Remember when I was having trouble sleeping, and the only thing that was helping was listening to Alec Baldwin’s podcast? Well, the episode I listened to each night was an interview with Dick Cavett. It knocked me right out.

Ok, we’re up to speed.

So this evening I drove into Lincoln to meet Lloyd for dinner and go to this taping. He has a cold, and I had already told him that we didn’t need to stay long – I just wanted to say that we were there. It didn’t start until 7:30, which is now an hour before my new bedtime. A taping lasts 90 minutes, but they got started late, and there’s some “We’re so pleased to be taping in Lincoln, Nebraska” intro that went on for some time, so it was about 7:50 before the show actually got started.

I was sleepy.

Then, since it was for radio, the sound was a little soft and hard to hear, and I was sleepy.

Then they started talking about news items that didn’t interest me, and I was sleepy.

Then they do the part of the show where they phone/talk to a celebrity and ask them questions about a subject they probably don’t know anything about. We called Nebraska-native-talk-show-host…….

Dick Cavett.

Oh. no.

He talked with the host for a loooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnngggg time and I fought sleep the whole while, but I think the guy sitting on the other side of me wanted to kill me with all the fidgeting I was doing. I should have just passed out on his shoulder.

We left early.

The end.

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2 Responses to “Wait, Wait, Don’t wake me.”

  1. Brad Said on:

    “Dick Cavett. Oh. no.”

    Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom at 11pm, and I look out the window and see people driving by in their cars, and I think how weird it would be to keep such a schedule.


  2. Peggy Said on:

    THAT IS HILARIOUS!!! You should totally write to 30 Rock & have them incorporate such a scene into their show. And don’t forget to collect the royalities for the idea!


    Oops. That was very insensitive. I’m sorry you had that experience.


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