What was it?

June 3, 2012


On Saturday Lloyd and I had to run a few errands in Lincoln, and when we were done we drove around looking at playgrounds. We are on the building committee at church and there is the possibility of moving the Center over on campus. It seemed like a good time to poke around other people’s property and see what they have.

This is an idea completely worth stealing. It’s a shed that is built on the trike trail. When school is open, unlock the doors on each end and prop them open for the ultimate drive-through experience. At night, drive the trikes in and lock them up!

So, so clever.

We went to lots of places, each with their own advantages, but at one they had an Outdoor Classroom area that was set up in a fairly random manner, not organized into ‘zones’ as sanctioned Outdoor Classrooms are. (Not that the kids care.) One super-cool thing they had was a crawl-through log, propped up wonderfully on branches (see above). One kind-of-odd thing they had was a bridge/pathway/deck-thing that wandered all around a tree. Lloyd wondered what it was for, and I said, “Duh. Chasing.” We walked all around it in a non-chasing fashion, for I still had a stomach ache and am zero fun.

It could be a pirate ship, a race track, a.... pirate ship. I'm out of imagination lately.

Anyway, on one of the posts was a tiny little cocoon-type shell. It had to have been about one-fourth of an inch long, but was so perfectly made.

Like a tiny little light shade.

I wonder what came out of it?

Probably an alien.

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3 Responses to “What was it?”

  1. Brad Said on:

    No idea what that chrysalis had in it. But I’d advise you to monitor your ears for a while in case it was something that crawls in your ear and lays eggs in your brain.


  2. Peggy Said on:

    Oh my gosh….that is genius!! I would have loved to have had a tunnel like that to drive my bike through as a kid!

    And I wonder how many people will drive by & see that shed on the sidewalk and think ‘What the heck? Who would build a shed right in the middle of the sidewal? Dopes.’ I should work on my building judgmentalness.


  3. Deborah Said on:

    Long live the double space!


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