July 1, 2012


It was a very successful family reunion, though I admit I was dreading it because the highs were supposed to be around 108. After last week I didn’t think I’d survive. (I’m not hardy when it comes to heat.) Lloyd and I got to Heit’s Point Lutheran Camp around 7:30 Friday evening when the temperatures were going down. Somebody also brought a HUGE fan which was fantastic! I parked my chair in front of it’s lovely, lovely hurricane-force breeze.

The fan is the giant circle thing by the right corner.

The next day got off to a fabulously slow start. We were with Sam and Rachel (who are coming here tomorrow) in the Blunk Bunk House – which everyone must say three times fast. It’s a larger place than where we usually stay (4 bunk rooms and two bathrooms), and the best part is that is has many, many toilets and showers! In fact, we had the whole building to ourselves, so we dedicated one bathroom for ‘liquids’ and the other one for ‘solids’. Sorry if you’re eating breakfast as you read this.

This is the liquid side. Showers and pee, please.

We were at the top of a hill, and on Saturday morning we got to witness nature at its finest. Roxanne, the campground cat, had caught her breakfast and was devouring it. Gracen, Sam and Rachel’s son, was fascinated/horrified as he watched the process. He gave us the play-by-play. “UGGGHHH! She’s eating the guts! UGGHHH! There’s a baby! UUUGGHH!! She’s got …. the circle thing….” That’s when I suggested to Rachel that he will make an excellent doctor: “Well Mrs. Jones, there seems to be a problem with your circle thing. You’ll have to have it removed.”

CSI: Heit's Point. We're running the victim's DNA through the database.

Yes, it was hot on Saturday, but I sat in the lake for an hour and was blissfully cool, then took a shower and napped for almost two hours. Now that’s vacation!

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3 Responses to “Reuned”

  1. Peggy Said on:

    I only drink my breakfast, so I’m good!

    It’s really hot in MD. And I too am not a happy hot person!

    Bob Loblaw’s Blunk Bunk House


  2. Brad Said on:

    Ned used to only eat the head and leave the rest. I think he liked the crunch. Max hasn’t caught a mouse yet.


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