Missed Opportunity

July 5, 2012


Each 4th of July I usually just wear some red or white shirt with jean shorts/capris and call it good, but this year I broke down and bought a tank top. My criteria?

1) sleeveless
2) patterned (to hide the sweat)
3) cheap

Wal*Mart came through for me with a shirt off the $3.88 rack.

Lauren, Lloyd and Brad doing what we do best.

Apparently, the rest of Seward had the same idea.

After seeing the second person wearing it, it occurred to me to start taking pictures. I must have seen at least a dozen women in this tank top, including two ladies in the parade. Many, many times I was too slow to get the shot, and many other times I couldn’t get my camera out so I just let it go.

What I should have done was asked each person if I could get my picture taken with them. That would be a splendid photo gallery, wouldn’t it?

Can you see her?

Then I could submit it to Wal*Mart and probably get a free shirt!

And perhaps an undergarment for this lady.

I’ll have to do it next year. Somebody remind me, ok?

UPDATE: The cloggers made the paper! You’ll have to imagine the color, though.

They look better than me. It's all the clogging.

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6 Responses to “Missed Opportunity”

  1. Peggy Said on:

    I’m so envious of the way you can express your excitement with raised arms!

    If I did that I would scare away small children & woodland creatures for miles. It looks like I lit firecrackers & then placed them under my arms to let them explode. Hey, maybe that’s the story I should go with!


  2. Peggy Said on:

    Oh & your picture caption is hilarious!

    (And beings Seward is such a small town, I bet you could gather all the women with that awesome tank & take a group picture!)


  3. Kristi Said on:

    The tank fits you the best.


  4. Brad Said on:

    After you pointed it out to me, it was really fun to watch for people wearing that shirt. But I never saw the man with the crazy Fourth of July pants this year.


  5. Lloyd Said on:

    There was a whole dance of cloggers with that shirt on.


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