So! Irritable!

August 13, 2012


Note: I wrote this post last week, when I was having a series of cranky days. I thought things would get better, but I’m still in a bad mood off and on (more on than off). Today things kept breaking. I drove home to get something for the workday and the truck died in the driveway. (It started tonight, but there’s no telling if it will work tomorrow.) Then my camera died. I took it out of my pocket and the lens was half-extended and stuck. Dang it! I do not want to buy another camera! (Hard to believe, but it’s true.)

So in this grumbly vein, here was the first write-up of my summer blues, sans photos.


I have had a couple of cranky days. Whenever I list my reasons to myself it all comes back to ‘get over it’ or ‘it’s your own fault’, but regardless of who is to blame (everyone in the world), I am crabby.

They are just small irritations, but they are mounting up to be a pile, and with each new one my anger grows.

How am I handling it? Well, almost every day (year-round) at lunchtime I am experiencing a fair amount of frustration, so I chew my food REALLY well, biting down with crushing force. (Years ago that was how I ruined my bottom teeth – I would grit my teeth and it smashed my lower teeth together.) Oh, how I love when we have carrots and celery! The past couple of days, though, I am practicing what I call Anger Isometrics – I put my hands together and PUUUUUSH on them or PUUUUULLLL on them as hard as I can. It’s subtle and makes me feel less like hitting things. Today I discovered the Torso Clench. It’s basically firming your abdomen up and trying to make your chest collapse on your heart to end the misery, or at least make you pass out. At home, I’m just loud and yell a lot.

It’s too risky to list all the reasons I am crabby, but the safe ones to list are:
* Sooooo much cat poop and pee. Three times a day I am moving litter around.
* My big camera won’t load pictures to my computer.
* Every computer I touch has decided to work very slowly.
* Too many things happening in my day.

There. That’s all I can list.

Torso clench.

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3 Responses to “So! Irritable!”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Hmmm… turning your rage into muscles. It seems like a good idea, but what happens if you are accidentally hit with some gamma rays or something? “Lauren smash!”


    • Peggy Said on:


      And I’m with ‘ya sista…..if it makes you feel any better, I am being hit from all sides too.

      You have a much healthier way of dealing with it than me though.

      Here’s to less irritation in the days ahead!!! 🙂


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