Phone Book of Design

September 6, 2012


I pulled in the driveway today to see a large package sticking out of the mailbox. I laughed out loud when I saw it was a catalog from Restoration Hardware. It was three items bagged all together like a phone book. The hilarious part – it was HUGE!

Like a ton of bricks.

Seriously, the main big book is 690 pages! The smaller catalog is 154. Holy hardware, Batman!

The enormous catalog came with the disclaimer that since the company is going green, they will only bother me with this giant catalog twice a year – not several smaller catalogs monthly – and I can certainly call them to ask to not receive it anymore.

Remind me that I need to do that.

I used to love Restoration Hardware because they were quirky. Their catalogs had neat old things – not just interior design stuff – but old gadgets and such that my feeble brain can’t remember. There was a store in Kansas City that we used to visit and all the little gadget-y things had hilarious explanation cards by the price.

You used to be funny, Restoration Hardware, but now you have become a self-important empire that only markets expensive furniture and textiles in grey, muted, sad tones – taking yourself entirely too seriously under Gary Friedman’s direction. Goodbye, R.H.

Gary's a silver fox.

We can no longer be friends.

Wait….. um, I do like that.

That shelf in the background.

Er. And that.

It gives me ideas for school.

Dang it. Scratch the reminder.

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7 Responses to “Phone Book of Design”

  1. Brad Said on:

    I can’t go look at all the fun gadgets anymore -- the store that wasn’t too far from me has closed. Maybe they spent too much money sending phone books to people.


  2. Karla Said on:

    The first time we lived in Chicagoland, they had cool stuff. We moved away in ’97 and after that the cool stuff disappeared. I blame myself.

    Best thing I ever got from there was a spatula with a curved metal handle. That sucker is strong enough for the stiffest cookie dough and the curve helps get every bit of whatever goodness you’re scraping. I loved it so much I went back and got 2 more.


  3. Peggy Said on:

    I’ve never seen the RH catalog or been to the store, but I think I would like it.

    And Gary might be a silver fox, but this guy is the silver fox. Did I ever tell you that I hugged him & my bracelet got caught on his collar. (that was before he, you know…)


    • Lauren Said on:

      No way!


      • Peggy Said on:

        No way he’s not the silver fox, or no way I hugged him. If it’s the latter, Way!

        I went to his daytime talk show in New York. After the show he lets the audience ask questions. Everyone raised their hands & he looked right in my eyes with his awesome eyes and said “Yes.” I asked if I could shake his hand for my birthday & he said sure & came over to me…shook my hand,said Happy Birthday, than hugged me. My cuff bracelet caught on his collar & I said “Oops, I’m stuck on you…and he said, You are stuck on me & laughed.”

        He spent a good amount of time mingling with the audience. He was so nice & down to earth. Really.


  4. Quiana Said on:

    Ours came yesterday. I’m eager to scour it for more feaux mink pillows and blankets.

    Seriously. The mancave is plush and resplendent. Only the finest fake dead animal linens for me, thank you; I’m fancy.


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