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For Science!

October 17, 2012


My school is really good about letting me go to technology conferences (as long as it doesn’t cost any money). Last week I went to the Nebraska Technology Coordinators Fall Meeting and yesterday I went to the Nebraska 1:1 meeting.

They were both in Kearney, which is about 120 miles away. Last week I went in a van full of other technology coordinator type people, but yesterday I was traveling alone, so I did a little experiment. On the way out to Kearney, I took the interstate and on the way back I took highway. Here’s the data:

Start Time End Time Total Time Distance Avg. Speed Gas MPG Total Cost
Interstate 7:05am 8:45am 1:40 120 miles 72 mph 3.86 gal. 31 mpg $13.86
Highway 3:15pm 5:25pm 2:10 113 miles 52 mph 2.55 gal. 44 mpg $9.15

If those speeds seem low to you, it’s because it takes me a while to get up to speed. On the Interstate I was cruising along at about 80 mph, but the trip out has about 10 miles where the speed limit is between 35 and 60 mph. On the Highway, I was traveling at 62 mph,  but  the trip back has about 5 small towns where the speed limit dips down to 35-45 mph. There was also a little construction on the way back and I was just waiting around for a few minutes. I turned the car off.

So? Is it worth taking 30 minutes longer to save $4.71? That’s $9.42 per hour or $18,840 per year (which qualifies for food stamps for a family of 2 –they don’t count cats).


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9 Responses to “For Science!”

  1. Lauren Said on:

    Hmmm…. looking at those figures makes me question your math: Why did you have to use math?


  2. Peggy Said on:

    Dang. Now my brain is all twisted in a knot & it’s only 9:00am.


  3. Brad Said on:

    In the money calculations of your last paragraph, you didn’t take into account the time you spent. If we assume you at least make minimum wage, which is $7.25 in Nebraska, now you’re only saving $2.17 per hour, or $4,340. That’s not enough even for a food stamp family to live on.

    I will suppose you make more than minimum wage though, so it might be cheaper to take the interstate.


  4. RON ROYUK Said on:

    Wha-a-a-a-a, Peggy? Don’t you like grammar blogs??


  5. Lloyd Said on:

    Here’s some bonus math… Can I use this information to calculate my city mpg? I normally get 38ish MPG on a full tank of gas, and my normal commute is 20 highway miles and 10 city miles. So I should be able to get my city MPG with:

    (44 MPG * 20 Miles) + (x MPG * 10 Miles) = 38 MPG * 30 Miles

    I think.


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