Screen Overload

November 2, 2012


Last Sunday we went to a sports bar/restaurant in Lincoln called Brewsky’s to help Curt celebrate his 40th birthday. It was quite the cultural experience for me. Not being a sports person, I was suddenly in a sports temple. Not any sports temple, mind you, a multi-screened temple.

All my photos are blurry.

It was amazing. Every wall had no fewer than six screens.

These were the giant screens.

And every single screen showed something I didn’t understand.

Continuation of giant screens.

Initially I was saying that this place was an ADD person’s dream! There was soooooo much to look at! If you didn’t want to watch t.v., there were video games, posters, lighted art, a bar with a lighted cooler, and people everywhere. After a while, though, it was information overload for me.I felt like Brad – when there is a screen available, he can’t stop looking at it.

I decided to take a trip to the bathroom to rest my eyes.

Of course! I must know what happens as I pee!

Incredible. A totally fun experience, and I mean it! Thanks, Curt!

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2 Responses to “Screen Overload”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Haha! It’s funny you can take all those pictures of people watching the screens because they are so engrossed.

    If a restaurant has TV screens on the wall, I always try to sit in a seat that doesn’t face one. Otherwise, I won’t be able to have a conversation of any kind because I’ll be so distracted. At that place, I’d be in trouble….

    Happy Birthday, Curt!


  2. Lauren's dad Said on:

    How glad I am not to be distracted by TV signals in our house! Yes, it’s boring at times, but great!


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