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November 8, 2012


*sigh* Here is another auction purchase story.

At the last auction there were two big boxes full of ink. One had several different types, but one was full of HP88 cartons. I was impressed by the sheer volume, and told Lloyd that if you had the right printer, this was a great bargain.

I was speaking figuratively.

Oh, dear.

There was a printer also, and now we have gobs and gobs and gobs of ink, and a printer that might or might not work. (It didn’t have a power cable.) If Lloyd’s instincts are right, we are about to save over a thousand dollars in ink.

It's a lot.

If he is wrong, I will celebrate my own version of Holi, only wetter.

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10 Responses to “Ink Hoarder”

  1. Brad Said on:

    If that printer works, you be literally “in the black”. Ha! I crack myself up!


  2. Lloyd Said on:

    Printer: $6.00
    Box of ink: $115.00
    AC Adapter: $4.99
    Lauren being wrong: Priceless

    If you buy the ink (over 50 boxes) on Amazon it would cost $902.00. If you bought it at Walmart it would be over $1,200.00, but less than $1,600.00.


  3. Peggy Said on:

    What are you going to do with the $1,000.?


  4. Kristi Said on:

    That’s a lot of ink. Are some of those color cartridges, too?


  5. Peggy Said on:

    Oh and thanks to your post today….I keep doing this at my desk today:


  6. Gretchen Said on:

    One word: Ebay.

    I just read an article about Maybe you could purchase a few hundred powercords to go with that printer.


  7. obet Said on:

    im also a printer and ink hoarder,pg40,cl41,hp21,hp22,hp60,hp61,etc,3 3in1 printer,3 deskjets,i dunno,had an obsession with these stuffs,experience ago i ran out of ink printing wedding invitations and it struck me then,cant afford to buy ink then,it was so expensive,30 usd for just a hp 60 tricolor,bit pricey than printer itself,from then on,it hunts me,came to a flea market and a junkshop,saw these pile of canon cl41 and pg40 dated 2011 but still usable,1 usd a pair,wow a bargain,i bought many,i resell others for 20 usd a pair hehe,


  8. obet Said on:

    sister in law gave me an ip1300 compatible with pg40s,and hpd2360 compatible with hp21,22 and voila,unlimited ink supply,been using those for my printing business for kids here with their homeworks,atleak what ist it serve me with profits to gain back what i invested,and later theres this guy who goes out to auction and he resells those items,there are plenty of printers,australian hp’s,c4175 comp with hp92,93,95,98,,glad theres ink for that printer,,i got 4 95s,and bunch of other inks,,hp 935,564,920,,even 88xl,,its a 40usd on amazon hey,,but no luck theres no printer avail to match that here in the philippines,only those well offs can buy inks and those with knowledge,bless us,,im computer graduated obsessesd with pcs and printers,,have a nice they lookin 4ward for your reply,


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