December 15, 2012


I am typing this on my iPad at 3:45 a.m.  Lloyd and I fell asleep on the sofa around 7, and I woke up to cats running around me at 3. That’s a full 8 hours, I guess, so we’re good. I am up in bed now and have banished the animals to the first floor. It’s raining (thank you, God!), so maybe that’s what’s freaking them out.

Tonight my kids sing at church, and then we are having some snacks afterward. I have things I need to do – certainly not a whole day’s worth, but I’ll be agitated the whole day because there is Something Going On later.

Ok, trying to go back to sleep. What are you doing today?

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5 Responses to “3:45”

  1. Brad Said on:

    I’m going to see “The Hobbit” this morning! Woo hoo! Nothing else matters.


  2. Lauren Said on:

    Thank you, auto-correct and bad eyesight, for making me look like a raving lunatic. I think I’ve fixed all the errors, now.

    Oh, and Lloyd is a different kind of sick today. Yippee.


  3. Peggy Said on:

    A full 8 hours is most excellent! I hope you were able to add to it to make it even better.

    I have a bunch of stuff to do. Cleaning, baking, errands. But I might sneak a movie in.


  4. Deborah Said on:

    We’re doing errands and house cleaning. And Charles is making gingerbread houses with the girls. And I’m taking Bethany to see Santa later. I LOVE doing that!


  5. Gretchen Said on:

    Glad you are feeling better…
    We went to a Medieval Christmas Market (in a Castle!) and then to a Christmas party. Good times!


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