Second chance

January 23, 2013


So, when Lloyd cleaned up the guest room, he came across a couple of lost gift cards that I EARNED by living healthy for a few months. (Our insurance has a thing where they motivate you to try nonsense like ‘eating vegetables’ and ‘moving around’. I played their game and earned their carrot. Now I’m back to letting my blood pool in my butt while I watch t.v. and eat ice cream..)

I noticed on the smaller denomination card that I had to register it, so I went online and did so. Then I looked at the larger denomination one and realized that it also should have been registered…… and that it was expired.



I felt so stupid. That was like burning cash, only without the joy that fire brings me. 🙁

I had time to call the card company today and begged and begged them to help me, pouring out my sob story and adding a few made-up details. Stacy, the lady on the other end, said, “Um….are you done? We have a policy. Fork over 10% of the card total and I will re-issue it. And I’m sorry about your disabled pony. I hope he gets better.”

*disclaimer* Parts of this story are exaggerated. The pony just stubbed his toe.

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6 Responses to “Second chance”

  1. Mark Said on:


    That is not to say I’m laughing at you. I’m laughing at the excellent way you tell a story and the impact it has on my funny bone. “The pony just stubbed his toe.” Bwwwaaaaahaaaahaaaahaaaaa!!!!!!!!

    I get those cards when I replenish my supply of disposable contact lenses. I’ve only let one expire. They did not accept my sob story.


    • Lauren Said on:

      😀 Thanks!

      Disposable contacts -- that is mind-boggling! We are living in such an amazing time. Remember the contacts that Keren used to wear? Do they even make hard lenses anymore? I remember when she and I used to share a room that I would lay awake worrying that she hadn’t taken them out and they’d be glued to her eyeballs. Many a night I would ask, “Did you take out your contacts?” and she would wearily say, “Yes.” I’d like to think that my early-life paranoia saved her eyesight, even though it was actually just annoying.


  2. Peggy Said on:

    Haha….you funny! And I’m with Mark…you are a fantastic story teller! You should start a 2nd job where you take people’s ordinary lives & make them sound so much better than they are. You can start with me. Although that might be too tough of an assignment for your first one.

    We don’t have that insurance thing here….but usually the gift cards I’ve received never expire; well, unless the company goes out of business…then it would be expired.


  3. Kristi Said on:

    That Stacy probably had a disabled pony herself. She’s so compassionate.


  4. Brad Said on:

    Sorry about your pony.

    I haven’t had a bad phone experience in a while. I wonder if people are calling less (in favor of email), so call center people are less-stressed and more likely to do you a favor.


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