Gift Card Weekend

January 27, 2013


Friday night I had the urge to do something on Saturday. The past few weekends I have been more than content to just sit around with the cats, but the weather was supposed to be nice and I wanted to go to Omaha. Lloyd had a giant book to read, so he was excused from going.

But just this once.

It was wonderful! All my fun talk shows were on the radio, but I kept turning if off so I could sing really loud for my American Idol audition. (I didn’t make it through. Two judges thought I have what it takes, but the other two thought 1) I had no talent and 2) I was way too old. I told them where to shove it and went on to host my own variety show Donny-and-Marie style. Ah, alone in a car – my imagination can run wild.)

I had some gift cards to spend, so it was going to be a free trip! Except for the $36 in gas I had to put in. Zoinks.

Time to go hog wild.

Scooters is a coffee shop, but some locations sell frozen yogurt. Frozen yogurt is my current Kryptonite. I usually can resist it’s siren song, but holy cow – when I do succumb, it is so good. I like a mild/tart flavor with strawberries and kiwi on top. You pay by the ounce, and it’s so sneaky that they give you a giant bowl to use. You could use up a whole gift card in one shot.

Anyway, my first stop was promising – a Subway and a Scooters side-by-side! This day was meant to be!

Hooray! I went into the Scooters first (because life is uncertain) and …… they only had two gross yogurt flavors (chocolate and something I can’t remember) and only non-fruit toppings: sprinkles and cereal. Boooooo…..

I walked out.

No problem! I went next door to Subway for my free lunch! Turkey sandwich, chips, drink – the works!

I only had $2 left on the card. Grumble grumble… find cash in my pockets…..

No matter. The rest of the day was fun. I wandered for hours in my Omaha stores, and barely bought a thing. The best part? No whiny Lloyd to ask me if I was done yet.

Epilogue: On Sunday I went to a Scooters in Lincoln and ate a hearty serving of FroYo! (Do people really call it that?)

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7 Responses to “Gift Card Weekend”

  1. Ron Royuk Said on:

    I was going to comment earlier but I was speechless. Now I am back from the ER……THEY FIXED A BUSTED GUT that I got from laughing so hard the first time I read your post! Seriously, you are a funny lady with so many gifts……from God! You put your thoughts into print better than anyone in the whole world! Thanks for being you!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Peggy Said on:

    Sounds like a perfect Saturday Lauren! And I find I don’t mind doing stuff by myself so much. That way it’s all about me.

    And HA! My car is my studio/concert hall as well! (as is my kitchen and any garage that has a door that goes up like a curtain)

    My latest performances are from Les Miserables. Mostly, Stars. I can really harmonize with that Russell Crowe! In my car.

    Lord, let me find him,
    That I might see him,
    Safe behind BAAAARS!
    This I swear by the STAAAAARS!


  3. Kristi Said on:

    Don’t you think that if there’s less than $5 on a gift card, then the clerk should give you the balance back in change? I have $1.43 left on a gift card — grrr.


  4. Brad Said on:

    Nothing from the Visa and Gordman cards? I think you should buy something crazy with them, like a “The Clapper” device or an American Girl doll that looks like Lloyd.


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