Quick memory

March 2, 2013


7? 8 years old?

Laura Odaul dared me to try a piece of her dog’s food.

I did.

It was gross.

The end.

If I wake up before you I’ll flesh this sorry out more.

Ok, I see that I forgot to hit ‘Schedule’ last night, so I’ll tell this story bit by bit and update it.

We didn’t have a pet when I was a little kid. I remember bringing home ‘strays’ often, and my parents telling me to ‘take that cat back to its home’. Whatever. Laura had a dog, and I honestly don’t know why I was over at her house, as I can’t remember doing that kind of thing very often. They had a big bag of dog food in the closet, and she dared me to try a piece. I did, and remember that it wasn’t very good.

Flash forward to this week: My class is talking about pets, and I asked parents to send in a little bit of their pet’s food so we could look at it (size, shapes, all that jazz). I told the children the story of Laura and they were aghast. Knowing that they would try to sneak a bite if I forbid it, I told them that they were welcome to try a piece – ‘just do it by the trash can in case you need to spit it out.’

Two girls were very brave. They tried a little nibble and immediately spit it out, declaring the taste ‘a big thumbs down’. One boy was brave enough, though, and ironically, he is afraid to try new people food. He tossed the whole piece in, crunched it down, swallowed it and said, “Not bad”. I was amazed at him, but in a little bit he asked if he could go get a drink. A little after that he asked if he could get another. A little after that he said, “Can cat food make you throw up?”

“Nope. Not at all,” I lied. (I am an awful person, but you already knew that.)

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4 Responses to “Quick memory”

  1. Peggy Said on:

    Hehe…you were a very brave little girl Lauren.

    I’ve never tried pet food, but if you chocolate cover a dog bisquit….I’m in.


  2. Brad Said on:

    We sneaked cat food all the time. It was delicious. I think it was meow mix. The pieces shaped like an “X” were the best ones. I can still remember the flavor.


  3. Karla Said on:

    My sister’s girls informed her one day when they were very little that if they ever couldn’t afford food, the girls would be very happy to eat the dog and cat food. Devonna carefully asked if they had tried the pet food. They proudly said yes and it was REALLY good.


  4. Lauren's dad Said on:

    So, I didn’t give Mom enough grocery money!


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