*sigh* This sweater is cursed.

March 12, 2013


We had Family Night tonight (Tuesday). Family Nights are monthly events that the Child Development Center helps with by providing child care & supplies. We meet at different locations each time – usually a local church – and a free meal is provided. Afterward, the children go off to play and the parents go off to a wonderfully informative presentation.

Usually, I help lug the toys over, help greet the families, listen to the presentation, then take the toys back to school. There are college students who help with child care.

Well, last month we were short of help, so I stayed to assist with the littlest ones. I just have to say that it was the STUPIDEST idea I’d had all day, since there was a little one-year-old who was rather distraught, so I just walked around and let him cry/snot all over my sweater. I could have given him back to his mom and dad, but one of the perks of this night for the parents is having some time away from their children, so we just stuck it out. He did alright, but the sweater was pretty soaked.

It’s a funny thing about sweaters and me. I very seldom wash them. (That means that almost every sweater I wear is borderline gross.) See, if you have a sweater that is dirty enough to require washing, you really need two sweaters to wash together, otherwise it’s not worth just throwing one in the washer on Delicate and doing all that blocking so it won’t shrink. So this snotty sweater went into the hamper and for four weeks I just kept throwing it back to the bottom when Saturday came around. Well, this weekend I had another that I had spilled coffee on, so two sweaters merited a ride in the Wash-O-Matic.

I just happened to be wearing this sweater today.

Tonight was Family Night.

I stayed at the very beginning of the child care portion and – like a moron – gravitated toward the one little boy who was having a hard time. My director told me that he had trouble the last time and had needed to go to mom & dad. We tried coaxing him to play for a while, but then I said I’d just take him up to the presentation and we’d find them.

He cried as I carried him.

He started burping as he cried.

He barfed his pancake supper…..on my sweater.

Dang it.

It was actually mostly on my shirt, though, and just a little on my pants and sweater, so the bright side? I’ll be washing it all tonight!

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3 Responses to “*sigh* This sweater is cursed.”

  1. Peggy Said on:

    He barfed his pancake supper…..on my sweater. Ugh!!!! If this wasn’t a PG site, I’d use a different word.


  2. Brad Said on:

    You should make Lloyd wash your sweaters. Then you wouldn’t have to wait for two of them to get dirty. You could just tell him when it was time for a wash.


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