Prototyping a cat feeder

May 2, 2013


Lloyd and I are going to have to take a little trip soon, and in the old days when we had Cricket and Pfennig, we’d just set out a giant bowl of food and lift the toilet lid*. Food and water – check.

Now with three cats, it’s a little more complicated. Beth is going to check in on them, but I would like them to be rather self-sufficient. I kept thinking it should be possible to make a self-feeder that would slow them down a little. These guys are getting pudgy, and I knew that if I just set out a big bowl of food it would be gone before I got in the car.

Bring forth: the Cat Self-Feeder, version one:

do not like

It was a cereal dispenser I bought years and years ago. This seemed as good a time as any to wreck it. It did not work. First they couldn’t figure out how to work it, they just stared at the kibble. Wally stuck his face under it and hoped for the best. Then they kept pulling the handle off. Well, the latest version of the handle. I went through three versions: first it was a spoon taped to the handle, but Ralph tried to eat it.

Buuuuut……. It didn’t work.

Enter: the Cat Self-Feeder, version two:

It has potential. And L brackets! Unfortunately Ralph is the only one who can figure it out while the other two sadly look on. Huh. We never would have pegged him as the smart one.

(* I’m kidding.)

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  1. Brad Said on:

    Maybe you could do it like those fishtank feeders. The block slowly dissolves away and releases more food. You could freeze portions of cat food in increasingly large blocks of ice.


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