Shameless promotion

June 24, 2013


For a little while – until the renovations are over – I get to post photos of the work that’s being done at church. I’ve had a couple of people say that I am a little nuts for volunteering to do that, but I love it! A couple of times a week I sneak over to the church to snap a few behind-the-scenes photos of The Forbidden Zone. That is right up my sneaky-little-sister alley!

You can check it out, too, at It’s the ‘renovations’ album

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5 Responses to “Shameless promotion”

  1. Peggy Said on:

    The Forbidden Zone….hehe! In more ways than one. Aren’t those toilets a little too close for comfort?


  2. Michelle Said on:

    Hey Lauren,
    Did you get my email?
    huh huh huh???


  3. Brad Said on:

    Are you going to hide secret messages inside the walls while they’re torn down?


  4. Michelle Said on:

    When our house was being built, we wrote our favorite Bible verses on the framing.


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